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Sep 27 2012 Anchor

EDIT: This position has now been filled, unfortunately we will no longer be replying to emails concerning this subject beyond this point. Thanks.


My name is Matt and me and my fellow development team are looking for a new writer, our old one was never commited to the project and got nothing done at all. So, if you feel like writing some stories for our game: then please pm me or send us an email at:

You must have a good grasp of the English language and be passionate about writing
stories or short stories.


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Oct 2 2012 Anchor

Yeah but what is your story about?

[F]latEric Eric is on Zdaemon
Oct 3 2012 Anchor

I'd be interested.

TheUnabridgedGamer It's been a long time...
Oct 4 2012 Anchor

Quality3DHD wrote: Yeah but what is your story about?

I believe that question can be answered for you as rapidly as it was for me when you click on the link for their game.

Oct 7 2012 Anchor

I'm interested, I shot you guys an email with an example of my work as well.

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