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Jan 28 2013 Anchor

Hello all

My name is Pavlos Germidis, and I am a 3D/2D designer and game designer.

I started working in the videogame world in the early 90s and worked in tiny, small and big studios in France until the early 2000s. I started as a 3D artist then did some art direction and game design. Later I did some freelancing in various fields. Today, I make boardgames, and collaborate with award-winning companies in the field.

I am looking to be part of a serious team developing a science-fiction game. It may be hardcore, sci-fi, steam-punk, with mechs or aliens or in a cold-war setting, whatever, any universe has its riches. It may be a 4X, a space-sim, or an action game. I will take care of the graphics and design, and will gladly help in the game-design area if asked to. What I would like is that the team is serious about going all the way and likes to work as one -I myself work better with others.
Financial matters will be discussed as part of the whole process.

Please have a look at what I currently do in my profile or here:
If you have a science fiction indie project and think we can make it play, look and feel great, contact me.

Take care and keep on playing !

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Feb 6 2013 Anchor


Are you still looking for work?


Feb 7 2013 Anchor

Nice stuff you have worked on.

Would be nice to have someone like you, then again, we lack the momentum and any financial stuff.

Feb 7 2013 Anchor

Hai Pavlos Germidis, Really good to listen about your work.You had done a good job.:)

Feb 8 2013 Anchor

Greetings Pavlos,

Feel free to check out our project on these forums -

We have a solid team of 15 developers all working hard on this. Having checked out your portfolio, we think your talents and range of skills would be very suited to our team. Also your art styling would match ours perfectly.

Feel free to contact us at -

Also check out our website and Facebook pages for some great info

We look forward to your reply.

Feb 18 2013 Anchor

Greetings to you all,

Thank you all, I am happy you like my work!

@MWinteringham : I am currently finishing a project, and I am available again, yes.
@Naqser : financial matters can be resolved, but momentum.... Momentum is the key, especially with remote partners !
@ Resumetips : Thank's a lot. Feel free to comment on the blog, and tell me what it is you want to see more of.
@Prometheus2012 : will send MP

I update my blog regularly, trying to explore new universes and integrate starships, creatures and war-machines in them. Check it out and see if you have a vision of a game that could coalesce with what I do (or could do!).

I preferably seek 4X or space-simulations game developers for a controlled short-to-medium development period. But this is not exclusive.


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