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Dec 29 2013 Anchor

Sorry, total noob questions here.

I created an account to start sharing updates for a personal project. To do this, it looks like I need to create a game page. However, to create a game page, I have to specify what company is making the game? I can't just list myself (my account name)? So then to create a company, the rules say the company must have at least 2 members? How can a site for showcasing indie work not support single person teams?

This doesn't make any sense so I must be missing something or going about this wrong.

Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction. I just want to post updates as this personal project develops. What's the best way to do that as a single person? I'd like to be able to make a game page for it, be able to add blog updates, and have those updates pushed out to this site's news feed with the rest of the game updates.

Sorry for my total confusion. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Dec 29 2013 Anchor

You don't have to create a company page.

When adding games, you just leave author fields to the default values: "no development group" and "no publishing group". (That will link the game to your member profile, so you don't have to add any companies or groups.)

Dec 29 2013 Anchor

Thanks! I knew it had to be so obvious I was just missing it.

Jan 1 2014 Anchor

jdsgames wrote: Thanks! I knew it had to be so obvious I was just missing it.

Always good to ask. :D

Jan 3 2014 Anchor

Note that afaik, you can't assign a company after you setup the game.

Jan 4 2014 Anchor

Nah, you should be able to link a company to your game profile if you have sufficient access rights to managing your development group.

Also to note, there is a significant difference between development groups (Companies) and community groups (Groups) - neither game nor mod profiles can be assigned to community groups, only to "companies". So you need both management rights and a dev group properly added to Companies section (not to the Groups section) to be able to tie a company in with your game.

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