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Jul 10 2013 Anchor

Good will be if the Swat 4 modders combinating the three Swat 4 mods:
SAS mod, SSF Realism mod and the 11-99 Enhancement mods.
So it would be a one mod, which in would SAS and Enhancement weapons and
SAS and SSF helmets, masks, and SSF equipment election possibility, that
we know use secondary weapons to primary and inversely. etc.

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Jul 12 2013 Anchor



Jul 13 2013 Anchor

Thanks for vote, and thanks your meaningful comment!
If you have written, could have written down why don't know, good or bad idea?
Please wrote down What the bad in this idea!

Jul 13 2013 Anchor

Mhm I just dont like combining mods unless i personally made them or i was making like a huge modpack


Jul 14 2013 Anchor

I so imagined this combination, that the Swat 4 modders (Desrat, Jokeller, Jaster_Mereel and his teams),
who did this mods (SSF, SAS, Enhancement mods). Collaboration, that they make new mod to the Swat 4 game, which in
have this modders modifications.

But, that also would be good, if formed a new team, who create many new and nice and good weapons.
Equipment election possibility, that we know use secondary weapons to primary and inversely.
We know faster and seamlessly cuffs, as the SSF mod.

Take to the primary "weapons" to Shield. And this always protect the user and the units behind this.
This does not put out, this always satnd in the user hand. But the shield user know use pistol and
pepper spary behind this.

Take in the game to police rod, viper!! Because the punch the civilians this not allowed,
and punch suspect dangerous and not realistic!!

Take in the breaching equipment: breaching system !!to the weapons!!, so if selected the system and u
pressed "7" button in the game, not take out the primary weapon, just selected the system on the weapon
and u know use the system. And u wanna shoting with the weapon than u selected the primary weapon
and u know faster shoting.

Take in the game the launcher system: take in the tatical equipments the launcher (to the weapons),
and u press "3" or "4" or "5" button and u now selected your nades in the launcher on your weapon,
so not needed take out the weapon. Just press the launcher button to the launching or press
the primary weapon button to the fire.

Take in the breaching equipment: Sledge Hammer or/and Breaching Sledge or/and Halligan Tool or/and Mini Ram.

And please only that wrote and vote, who knows what this game and who know what these mods! Thanks!

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