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May 21 2014 Anchor


Please, I would like some criticism about my ideas here:

I have finished two mobile games with Unity and now I feel ready to make a bigger PC project. I was thinking of making something with procedural levels and permadeath where you control a small space fleet with limited resources but I'm not sure about the combat.

These are my current ideas regarding combat:

1. Turn based "JRPG style":

This alternative is the easiest to implement because the combat would be random encounters and there's no movement. You treat every ship of your fleet as a "party member" like an RPG and they attack enemies or support each other every turn (instead of a knight fighting you have a cruiser launching an artillery barrage, instead of a priest you have a support vessel deploying repair drones, etc). I have no idea if this idea would have any appeal with the typical space game enthusiast though.

2. Turn based / 2D "board":

This one is more complex because you have a 2D board, the action is by turns and you have to move your units like a typical turn based strategy game. The complexity comes from making an AI that can move their "pieces" properly. What I don't know is if the idea of moving space ships in a 2D plane would look silly and be a deterrent for gamers.

3. 3D Real Time:

This one is the most complex (I think) because you move your ships in real time and in every direction (like Homeworld) and so do the AI. I think this one could have more appeal but the development complexity would go through the roof.

What do you think?

DISCLAIMER: I think I have enough knowledge to take on any of this alternatives with enough time so please don't lecture me like a newbie. I also have a small budget, what I lack is time because I have a day job but I don't have a deadline for this project.


Jun 10 2014 Anchor

i would go for number 3.

Jun 10 2014 Anchor

I would go for number 4. 2D Real Time. Eventually with active pause on easy level or if you plan a lot of micromanagement.

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