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Mar 13 2012 Anchor

Hi, I was just wondering if there is a way for me to change my video's "Thumbnail" or initial imagery (the static image that appears before hitting play). Because for the video I just uploaded the thumbnail is white (it would have to be smack in the middle of one of my 'fade to white' sequences of the video...).

Anyway thanks in advance for any help or advice. Look forward to hearing...something.

I included the example, the video is great, but initially it's just...this...white, not at all interesting...

v0.2a Gameplay Trailer - Indie DB

Mar 13 2012 Anchor

You'll probably have to re-upload it.

Mar 13 2012 Anchor

Thanks for the response :) but I already tried that, thinking the thumbnail was selected randomly, the result was exactly the same, leading me to believe that the thumbnail is actually selected from a specified time in the upload...

Mar 14 2012 Anchor

Hmmm, maybe deleting this and uploading a new video would make the system select a different thumbnail.

Mar 14 2012 Anchor

Hmm, thanks for the suggestion, but I'd rather not bog down moderators with unnecessary uploads for such a trivial matter. I was hoping that I just didn't know what the standard method was to effect such a change (like a button or menu that I was missing), I think I'll just live with it and hope for better results next time. :) Cheers!

Mar 15 2013 Anchor

I do have the very same problem. On Youtube we can choose the thumbnail which best represent our videos.

My video is a bit prejudiced by bad automatic thumbnail selection as well:

Are there any solutions for that yet?

Thank you.

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Mar 15 2013 Anchor

I haven't found any solutions, I just left it and figured I'd hope for the best on the next vid. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful... :(

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Mar 22 2013 Anchor

We can do it with a database edit, but the middle of the video is the icon. Will we change it? Possibly not, too much work for something so simplistic.


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