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Apr 2 2013 Anchor

I am looking to get in to twitter and get more involded in the twitter comminty, its great for asking quick questions and getting feedback from REAL GAMERS about what is good or bad about games.

Drop me a question on twitter or answer one of mine, lets making indie games better by speaking up about what we want to see and what we should remove.

My Question:

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Update: 2011-06-04

We are still in need of some extra people to join the team. The most urgent of which is an animator.

We have created a new post recently with more up to date information on the project and what we have created so far:


May 10 2013 Anchor

It sounds like a great idea: maybe we can make sort of networking ideas for Q/A on twitter?

My twitter is: @JassPenguin

May 10 2013 Anchor

Remove simple 2D games *now ported to tablet!* sold for $5. There's lots of people working on interesting, innovative, projects, but I suppose it's easier to rehash things in the app store than do real innovation.


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May 14 2013 Anchor

What about my idea on networking with Twitter? It looks like I can't make new thread.. but this looks suitable anyway, doesn't it?
@JassPenguin is mine (

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