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SimonDenton Deus Ex Modder
Jun 17 2012 Anchor


My indie project, Revolution: Genesis, is an action/sports game involving inline skating, reminiscent of Jet Set Radio Future. I am in need of c# programmers to assist me in terms of player movement, simple AI, menus and other vital assets. The game runs on Unity 3D. I hope this project can expand to a successful indie game for Desura and possibly expand on from there. Here are a handful of concept art images:
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User Posted ImageIF you are interested in being a programmer for my project, please send me a PM on this site.

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Jun 17 2012 Anchor

when you say c# like using xna?, and is this 3d or 2d game?

MrTambourineMan Working on Maggie's Farm
Jun 17 2012 Anchor

atsebak wrote: when you say c# like using xna?, and is this 3d or 2d game?

Or perhaps Unity 3D?


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SimonDenton Deus Ex Modder
Jun 18 2012 Anchor

My apologies gentlemen. It is C# for Unity 3D as I should have clearly indicated.

Jun 19 2012 Anchor

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SimonDenton Deus Ex Modder
Jul 1 2012 Anchor

Positions for C# programmers are still open!

Aug 13 2012 Anchor

Hi. I started learning Unity, but atm i am learning XNA (using C#). Can you tell me if there will be other programmers, or if this position is for someone capable of being the 'lead' programmer? I ask this as i could say i am a great C# programmer and i can produce 3D games, etc but tbh, i am learning about 2D XNA games programming and i would say im ... improving as a programmer and a C# programmer, therefore i may be able to help out in some way, that is if i were working with a group of programmers that may have more experience than me, in terms of C# games programming and Unity.

I hope all of this makes sense lol.... i also hope i can help out as i really want to 'properly' be involved in creating a game or mod :).


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This seems to be an interesting read: This also shows the a programmer requires more skill than is required for a coder, so a programmer would therefore be a more valuable asset to a team compared to a coder."

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Aug 19 2012 Anchor

I sent you a message

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