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Sep 19 2013 Anchor

Remember CNC Generals, where USA army had tech Building that was able to chenge itself?
this is sort of what my ideas is, about Derelict buildings owned by no one:
Power plant will give 2 options, instead of giving your base power wich in any way dont require entire power plant, it will alow expand the base or boost construction.
Armory can upgrade battle units or construct in its site artilery cannon, just like in Generals.

Sep 20 2013 Anchor

Hey Artem874, I would suggest the bar for this kind of idea

"If you only have a rough idea or want to see what people think of very specific aspects (the behaviour of one unit, for example) then the best place to post is the modDB Bar.

  • The bar is also an ideal starting place for introducing yourself."
  • -Andy

    Sep 22 2013 Anchor

    Initially I was thinking this thread was placed in the correct category and it gave me a nice idea.
    While i felt the idea had merit I find civillian structures require more effort to mod and thus I dont really consider it as a good idea i can work from others may find it useful however.
    Then I followed the link StormAndy provided and got the message below thus confirming my suspicions it is the correct category.

    We're sorry, but there seems to be a problem viewing the forum thread requested. If you'd like the boring old technical reason for the error this is it:

    "The selected forum thread The modDB Bar is for staff only. You do not have permission to read this thread. Please try returning to the forum homepage."

    We suggest you return to the forum homepage and try the links from there. If the problem persists, contact us with the details.

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