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Jul 16 2009 Anchor

hi all im new 2 rigging vehicles 4 bf2 i cant find a desent tutorial on doing so.
so im looking here 4 help im working on this vehicle picture below. it has 5 sets of drive wheels and i want all 5 sets 2 drive ingame butt what i see is it only lets me have 2 sets the FR/FL and BR/BL

the boat next 2 my model is for helping it is rigged yet i do not understand

User Posted Image

also if someone can point me 2 a good site with vedio tuts on vehicle rigging and textureing along with some tuts on the bf2 modding program of how 2 set up a newly imported vehic that would bee sweet.l thx

also can u add what programs i need other then 3ds max photshop and the bf2 editor i have those.

update i have added all the stuff from the starter boat 2 my vec. i thank i have it right here is new pic with the link list.

im now stuck with the last set of wheels can someone help plz should i just copy the FL/FR and BL/BR like i did for the drive whells

i also have a pic here of the conection boxes and what not plz give me some good advise and what not thx

or what thx plz someone awnser i need help.

User Posted Image
User Posted Image

all the col0's are the left over whells thay highlited in blue so dont mind them those are what im asking u guys 2 help with how do i add them in like the other wheels thdx.

also do i need any animations or something.

i have it in editor lol butt it missing the other wheels plz help some 1

User Posted Image


Jul 27 2009 Anchor

U shouls try posting this at Bf fans group and several other groups aswell

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