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Nov 7 2009, 7:58pm Anchor


I'm not sure if it's just me but why has none started working on a zombie mod for Arma 2 yet? I remember I used to play Sahrani Virus and Quarantine for Arma: Armed Assault and it was a lot of fun!
Now, I don't have any experience with making mods for arma, and I don't have any knowledge about lua scripts, (I do 3D and Textures) but I'd love to start working on one.
So I thought I should post my idea here to see if there's anyone else, hopefully with some experience in this area, who also would like to make a zombie mod for Arma 2.

Any questions or anyting at all really, just send me an email

Regards, Sir Mustache

Henley the sun never sets on the eternally cool
Nov 7 2009, 10:25pm Anchor

Its possible its being done already.


Nov 8 2009, 1:51pm Anchor

I sure hope so!

DraeHD ModDB's Local ManWhore
Nov 16 2009, 3:34pm Anchor

Would be nice, never actually viewed it before.

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