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Jan 20 2013 Anchor

Hay im Bioblaze Payne, you may remember me from such TV Shows as "How I Did dat thang dat 1 time" and the film "OMFG he had to say that..." or the book series "Youve got to be Kidding me....." I come 2 you today to ask some interesting and provocative questions.

Question (1 Anyone down to Make some Mario Models?
Question (2 Anyone down to Make some Pac-Man Models?

Your wondering "Now why would you do something as STUPID as that." well Ill tell you.

I`m making a "Parody Game" for those of you with the intelligence of apes, ill explain.

You take something serious like "Construction" then you add Funny too it. Producing "Home Improvement" another example is your Wife Cooking then you Cooking. Same Thing.

Now after reading all that and either laughing your ass off or being greatly offended. I come at you in a serious note.

.... Actually I dont have a serious bone, I do have a serious programming habit, and that I will trade work for.

I am making a Set of Parody Games based off Popular OLD Nintendo Games, such as "Super Mario Bros." and Donkey Kong, Pokemon, the idea is simple. To make interesting games that people would love. And bring back the old Arcade Style Games.

No one will respond too this, but thats cool.
I didnt expect anyone 2. I just had to make a funny.

Jan 20 2013 Anchor

I may not be a modeller. Just a game ripper. But I can look through my sources and see if I have anything you could use.

Jan 20 2013 Anchor

uss your mad skills and make something original.

Jan 27 2013 Anchor

Im programming original Stuff, Just cant model. lulz.

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