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klawhammer 3D Architect.
Apr 17 2014 Anchor

Without giving to much away we are trying to pick the best engine for a game that is all about moving hundreds of different shapes around that output to a spreadsheet. Completed arrangements must be able to be shared with other players and have lighting and areas of blocks that can be switched on and off. Each type of block used must be able to be added to a spread sheet.

At the moment we are thinking unreal but are also considering the crytek engine and source engine.

What do people think?

TKAzA Community Manager
Apr 18 2014 Anchor

Have you researched whats needed...(source code acsess?) to do what you want the engine to do?
I would say no to source right away.

Unreal 4 perhaps as you have the source code, CRYENGINE not sure, no source may make it hard.

Unity might be your best bet but still no source, but you have an extensive and knowledgeable community backing you.

Sounds like whatever engine you use you will need to custom code a specific data exporter to load the XYZ information and state to spreadsheet format.

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klawhammer 3D Architect.
Apr 19 2014 Anchor

Thanks alto for the input.

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