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casf01 Rigger / tech artist
May 12 2013, 2:36pm Anchor


I,m offerring my services as a tech artist to devellop one or some tools for your project.

What I do for a living: I,m a rigger / tech artist my job is mostly about supporting the animation team.
Exemple of stuff done :
Create animation ui for animator
Create a rig that support motion capped fbx into 3ds max and allow the animator to work on the motion capture data straight onto the rig
Create xml save / load pose system to be pasted either lobbally or locally
And so on...

Depending on the project I most likely wont need to have access to your 3d asset.

Let me know if somone's interested or need some help

May 13 2013, 7:12am Anchor


We are a small indie team and are looking for help with rigging and animation support. Our project is a tactical, third person shooter for the OUYA.

I am including an example of the first character model we are working on and which would be used to start the animations.

I have also sent a PM
Good Luck and thank you for your time!

casf01 Rigger / tech artist
May 13 2013, 5:18pm Anchor

Thanks everyone for the interest, but i'm notm interested into a rigger job as i dont have enough free time to fullfill this task properly.

Still offering tools development services tho.

May 15 2013, 12:16am Anchor

What exactly 'tech artist' is? What you do? Models?

May 15 2013, 7:02am Anchor

He should have strong understanding of development workflow, modeling process, rigging and animations.

casf01 Rigger / tech artist
May 15 2013, 7:24am Anchor

a tech artist is the guy that makes everything works. I dont do models, I'm the one who go slap the modellers for not doing their job correctly ;)

A tech artist is kinda like the bridge person between the art department and the programmers and ensure that the artist have the right tools. There's many specialization, like fx, rigging / animation, tools dev... etc

Most tech artist like me has already been an artist so we know what kind of tool is used or needed.

In my case I was an animator, I studied animation, worked on a few commercial project then turned technical. So I think it's safe to say that my field of specilization is the animation and character department. But I want to learn more from the other fields so that's why I psoted this offer.

what is a tech artist:

May 16 2013, 5:38pm Anchor

Would you be interested in helping us? We have animator/rigger/modelers but could use someone with your experience to help us setup an efficient work flow and tools.

casf01 Rigger / tech artist
May 16 2013, 7:17pm Anchor

yah sure as long as it dont require massive skinning and rigging
what's your needs?

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May 16 2013, 7:29pm Anchor

Hop on Skype if you can, my Skype = JoomDNS and we can talk more. The game is going to be released for Free on OUYA so should not be much of a conflict of interest I hope. Of course other ports may be released.

May 23 2013, 1:31am Anchor

I would very much like some animation advice and technical ideas on which way to handle certain cloth dynamics for hearts of oak,
we do have some coders ect giving out some good ideas... but it seems my rigging skills in max are limited , also there may be a mod with the same problems.
I have tried a few ways ... and id like to send you the test settups to have your opinion on what works better and why.
my skype name is mapper_splat.. anytime you have spare would be appreciated.


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casf01 Rigger / tech artist
May 23 2013, 7:08am Anchor

The thing with cloth is that they can be a real pain in the ass to work with ( or design the systems). You can design the perfect system but if you dont have the ability to make it loop quickly then it aint worth shit :/

There's a free max script called spring magic... it's not perfect and kinda dumb but it might be enough for you. My biggest concerns over this script is that the author didnt think of it as a real production tool but more like a toy. Which means the that tool won't allow you to freeze a transformation or store anything on your animation track as it only recognize a position_xyz () and euler_xyz() everything else cause it to crash ( + 1 for the handy try () and catch() command)

Meanwhile here's something for you:
from this thread:

In the end it also depend on your animators needs. What do they want to work with and how do they want it to work.

May 23 2013, 10:35am Anchor

Thanks so much this stuff is gold for me and others working on the project pure gold.
If you could add me in skype that would be awesome though i respect that your busy and may not have the desire to answer many questions.


Stress is when you wake up screaming & you realize you haven't fallen asleep yet.
Don't force it, get a larger hammer.
I tried to daydream, but my mind kept wandering

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