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Sep 13 2013, 2:16am Anchor

some samples

this is actually for my indie game but heck why not ^^

User Posted Image
some samples
User Posted Image

User Posted Image

^ this one isnt meant for mobile games...this is is roughly at 10k polys or tris thats not including the wings...this dragon like creature has wings just didnt have space to render them in

also this dragon creature is using is diffuse, spec and yeah this dragon 3d model thing is not meant for mobile gaming

User Posted Image

other samples:

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

The next 2 are not my models just stock models i textured for practice

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

The Gun and Ninjagirl 3d model isnt mine just downloaded it from one of those websites with stock 3d model for texture practice
i have a habit of doing that at times when i dont have time to make a 3d model
i just download one of those free 3d models and use those to practice texturing
and these models i did not use a normal just a diffuse

and forgot to add aside character i can also do some environment pieces if needed ^^

User Posted Image


User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

this hanger looking piece was for a client

you can view my artworks at

for other samples you can check my dropbox link as well

if anyone would be interested i suggested emailing me at or adding me at skype, skype name is also roninfang...since i check my email and online in skype more oftenore often

you may view my other artworks at

also one of my latest client worked with a bit

made some alternate textures for some of the attire/clothing but since
wasnt used in the kickstarter video name is not in the credits yet

if anyone would be interested

if i may have time for another project ^^

my email is
skype is Roninfang

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casf01 Rigger / tech artist
Sep 13 2013, 7:44am Anchor

How many thread like this one do you have?
Seems like I keep seeing those picture again and again

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