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May 17 2013 Anchor

Looking for another writer or two who can work along with me in developing a story for an Action Adventure game. Possibly an Action RPG. But I want to get a few writiers along with me to start a new story in where we can develop all together, main story/plot, background stories and character bios. Not to say we're going to make something big, maybe not even close. But just to work on something that can be of potential.

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Jun 20 2013 Anchor

What do you mean by action adventure game? like Assassin's Creed, or Psychonauts? Also Action RPG? like Mass Effect and The Witcher series?

I'd be game for whatever if you'll take me, but I'd appreciate specificity.

Jun 22 2013 Anchor

Adventure as in Assassin's Creed & UnchartedAction RPG as in a mix of Kingdom Hearts & The Witcher.

Jun 23 2013 Anchor

If you are still looking for writers, I can be of some assistance.

Jul 22 2013 Anchor

I can be too.

Jan 21 2014 Anchor

i would like to apply if you need writers

Jan 28 2014 Anchor

I'm available if you still need a writer.

Jan 29 2014 Anchor

Folks, I hate to bust bubbles here, but this thread is about nine months old, and the OP hasn't been active in it for eight of those.

It's not too likely that the position will still be available, so why bother to post publicly? If you're looking for work on the site, recruiters will be able to see your activity. Posting in dead threads doesn't speak very well for your perceptiveness, and as a writer you should expect to be judged on every word you type. Make the most of your words, guys, use them wisely!

Feb 12 2014 Anchor

My bad for not being on in awhile, but I am back to work on a new project. @jjc_uk that is true lol. Well I'm not sure if I should use this post or not for a new project, but I suppose I will start a new thread.

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