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I recently organized an interview with "Pelezo" from The Forgotten War (FarCry) Modification. Their mod is shaping up very nicely, and I am happy to present you with this exclusive interview.

Posted by San-J on Sep 30th, 2004

modDB: Before we start, could you please introduce yourself, and share with us what positions you serve as on your team?
Pelezo: Hi, my names Eric Pelezo, I’m the project leader and I serve many positions. I do a little bit of everything but the main things I do are leading (contrary to what people think is a VERY tough job, you’ll see if you ever get into a project leaders spot), and coding.

modDB: The Forgotten War is listed as a strategy modification. Please explain to what degree this game will be a strategy game, and if it can be classified as a traditional RTS.
Pelezo: The Forgotten War is listed as a strategy modification because it’s an RTS and a FPS all thrown into a blender. The reason it’s a strategy modification is because the general on both sides will make those game making decisions, you’ll have to designate waypoints for your platoons, those waypoints could lead that platoon right into an ambush and therefore you loose. You’ll also be making important decisions as when to come in with the drop of supplies (Americans) because certain things such as a night drop and a day drop can be crucial (if night & day maps are used).

modDB: TFW seems to be shaping up to be a very unique mod. What single element do you want TFW to be associated with, and remembered by in particular? What will set it apart most from the generic mods these days?
Pelezo: FPRTS (First Person Real Time Strategy) is what we want to set us apart from every other modification. Most games you run around and shoot a pixilated person on the screen, we want you to think and have fun at the same time.

modDB: How much realism can we expect in TFW? Will you design it more with the actual events of the Korean war in mind, with the players in mind (i.e. trade a little realism in for arcade fun), or establish a balance?
Pelezo: We’re going for an accurate representation of the Korean War; you’ll be fighting in the most realistic Korean War locations that you could ever find in a game; keep in mind though, some things just can’t be done. The air vehicles might be a little easier than realistic simply because not everyone has time to learn how to become a helicopter pilot. Generally, you could say it’s going to be about 80% realistic compared to most games that are about 30% realistic.

modDB: How long have you been working on The Forgotten War? What was your inspiration for making a modification based on the Korean war?
Pelezo: Well, I started The Forgotten War after watching old movies, reading up on it, and watching M*A*S*H. I started it up and my friend F|uxx made the website. Then another person in the BF42/BFCentral (now FPSC) forums who’s known as Psy| was making a M3A1 Grease Gun and after seeing it I couldn’t help but love the model and so I proposed the idea to him, it’s been a long friendship since then and he’s never left my side through hard times and through the spoils of war.

modDB: Is there an expected release date that you'd be willing to share?
Pelezo: Well, truly, it all has to do with the lack of staff as of right now. We’re always looking for new staff whether it’s in the graphics department or the modeling department. Right now we’re especially searching for a coder who knows the Far Cry engine or who is willing; keep in mind you have to have an open mind about what we are doing and keep the faith that TFW will be big. The more staff we get the faster TFW will get out the door. The idea of having a public alpha from the first release up has floated around and was almost tested, but certain individuals prevent that because they would bias TFW on that alpha. We’re shooting for at least 2005’s summer, if not before that.

modDB: What can we expect in the first release of TFW? Will you wait until all of the weapons, vehicles, characters, and maps are done, and then release it all as one huge mod, or release it progressively in small increments/patches?
Pelezo: We’re in the process of updating the weapons, vehicles, and other miscellaneous items on the website right now, that’ll be our final list of things to expect in V0.1. We plan on having a incremental patch system that will enable weekly content to be added so that you’ll have that great new vehicle and that bug fix the next day.

modDB: How many people are currently active on your team? What is the highest number of active that were ever on the team at any given time?
Pelezo: Right now, we have 11 people on our team including department managers. The highest to my relocation is 18 members at once but the team was never stable at that time. Right now, it’s very stable but again, we’re always and are looking for more!

modDB: The FarCry modification community is certainly feeling some turbulence, in the wake of an erratic SDK release, and a sudden loss of interest from the general community. How, if at all, has this changed the progression of TFW? Has it changed the way you run it?
Pelezo: It’s obvious that Far Cry isn’t the best in multiplayer, that’s a given. The problem lies in the server owners in my opinion, I’ve seen some good modifications get released (realism modification, cry radio, etc) but none of the servers run them. Crytek I believe will put out a free small expansion pack, at least I hope so.

modDB: Do you have any closing comments that you'd like to share with us?
Pelezo: I would like to thank modDb for giving me this chance to be interviewed and express some certain opinions that I’ve kept in for a long time without saying anything.

I'd like to thank Pelezo for conducting this interview with us. This is looking to be a stellar modification of galactic proportions, so be sure to check their site out at, and their modification profile at

Also make sure that you look at the exlusive image that they sent us!

[page=Exclusive Images]
Nota Bene: This is the only render that I received in time for the posting of this, and I felt that it would be better to release this interview now, rather than wait another week for more images. When I do receive the rest of the renders however, I will modify this feature to include them. Keep your eyes peeled!

KaBar Combat Knife (US)

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mothmann Oct 12 2004, 7:01pm says:

wow its like every other mod out right now is going for this FIRST PERSON SHOOTER / REAL TIME STRATEGY mix genre now. and to beat it all they are all claiming to be unique and one of a kind. i mean come on Natural Selection has been around for a long time now. but i doubt it was even the first game or mod to mix the 2.

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UberSoldat Oct 12 2004, 8:03pm says:

Awesome job on the interview. This will be one mod to look forward to. :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
teh_fonx Oct 12 2004, 8:04pm says:

yeah, yet another unimaginative war mod, thats exactly what the community needs! but this one will be even more realistic than the rest

+1 vote     reply to comment
Pelezo Oct 13 2004, 3:52pm says:


We've been planning to do this genre since BF1942 was first released, then we had to move engines. Is natural selection on Far Cry? Is there another Korean War modification out there? No...


How are we unimaginative, we are doing the Korean War, something that no one else has done?

Eric M. Pelezo

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ImTheDarkcyde Oct 13 2004, 7:31pm says:


im pretty sick of moddb people always being negative, its like your parents never taught you

Quote:"If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all!"

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mothmann Oct 15 2004, 3:49am says:

"FPRTS (First Person Real Time Strategy) is what we want to set us apart from every other modification. Most games you run around and shoot a pixilated person on the screen, we want you to think and have fun at the same time."

How are you gonna bet set apart from the rest when thats what everybody is doing now? thats all i was commenting about. and you sound so cocky and like your mod is the best ever when it hasn't even been released. im just pretty sick of all theses mods running around acting like they are best when they dont even have a beta available. but i do hope your mod turns out great and that it is the best ever and i wish you luck.

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San-J Author
San-J Oct 16 2004, 4:50pm says:

You guys, the difference is that most mods won't achieve this goal of developing a true FPRTS. Pelezo and his crew know what their doing, and they will accomplish it.

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Pelezo Oct 21 2004, 11:08am says:

Thank You,

Exactly what San-J said.

Eric M. Pelezo

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Guest Nov 30 2004, 12:08pm says:

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