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Biographies on the 4 survivors featuring in the L4D2 custom campaign "Life's a Beach". Information on Voice acting positions for these roles are also detailed, if you are interested send us an email and demo reel to the address provided.

Posted by ProspectGames on Mar 11th, 2012

Life's a Beach will feature four original survivors designed specifically for the campaign. With clashing personalities and goals they don't get along but are forced to fight the infection together. Throughout the campaign they will begrudgingly co-operate to escape the Cormorant cruise ship, move through the beach town of Rio Sierra and release the green cure at the Raise facility.

Below are details on the Survivors along with other minor role characters. You can view images of the characters in the gallery.

The Prisoner (name pending)


Hailing from Tokyo this yakuza hit-man was arrested while on a mission in America and subsequently incarcerated. When the infection broke out the prisoners were loaded on to buses for evacuation. Kelly was one of the guards assigned to the transport which soon crashed en-route to the coast. The Prisoner and Kelly teamed up fought their way out to reach the evacuation ships.


· Cold and calculating with a strong desire for self-preservation at the expense of others, especially those he views as below him.
· He is dominant and controlling, often commanding the group what to do.
· His only motivation for staying with the group is to increase his odds of finding the cure, until then he will try his hardest to keep them alive.
· While generally calm he has strong bloodlust and revels in the constant killing.


Japanese, Adult male who is fluent in English. We want to work with the VA to determine his tone, way of speaking etc.



Divorced, past his prime and out of shape, Kelly has been a low level prison guard for most of his life. Considered a joke by the guards and prisoners alike and close to giving up, the infection changed everything. After his prison transport crashed he teamed up with The Prisoner to escape to the coast.


· Kelly lacks confidence and composure allowing his fear to surface more than the other survivors
· He often tries (and fails) to assume the leader role
· He avoids confrontation so his plans are routinely dismissed by the group, subsequently he bears the brunt of their insults.
· Despite his flaws he is experienced with firearms, determined to prove himself and will risk his life to save the others


Middle-aged American male. While the game takes place in California we have considered a more southern accent. In either case his voice should be deep but shaky, something that emphasises his lack of confidence. We want to work with the VA to determine the specifics.



Morag is a Glaswegian business woman and successful entrepreneur who has spent her entire life building up a vast corporate empire. While on a business trip to America the infection broke out. While her colleagues were quickly killed she started fighting and didn't stop until the military found her alive and on her own days after the outbreak.


· Morag is highly self-motivated, aggressive and short tempered.
· After running a company for most of her life she demands obedience from the group, putting her at ends with the Prisoner.
· She can analyse situations very quickly and create efficient plans although they are usually high-risk and dangerous.


Older Glaswegian Woman. Despite her elevated position she has a basic and very crude way of talking with a gravelly, thick Glaswegian accent.



A resident of Rio Sierra and one of the first to be evacuated, he never expected to return so soon. Jay lived an easy life, surfing, skateboarding and enjoying the sun filled his days. Split up from his friends he found himself alone on the Cormorant cruise ship, until three other survivors were assigned to his room.


· Jay is the most laid back and grounded of the survivors.
· He isn't out to prove himself or take charge of the group but he won't be pushed around and has a problem with authority.
· Jay constantly attempts to calm the group down as they argue over what to do and as a resident of Rio Sierra he is invaluable to their survival.


Young American adult male. Californian accent. (We want to avoid a stereotypical slurred surfer accent)

Military Personnel

At multiple points throughout the campaign there will be radios transmitting military chatter. This will include retreating infantry reports and aerial recon describing what is happening around you. These roles are for adult American male and females. We will likely add radio effects later however if you can do this yourself that will be helpful.

Voice Actor Requirements

· Microphone: a good quality microphone is essential along with the ability to clean up audio if necessary (removing background noise, static, etc.)
· The ability to work to the script and produce the work in a timely fashion
· Accept feedback and changes if necessary
· A Dropbox account: this is for sharing files, you can set a 2GB account up for free

I will be adding more information on additional characters when we have finalised what we need. For now you can send your demo reels and any questions you may have to this email:

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Dr.Goupyl Mar 13 2012 says:

Good luck on your quest !
PS: If you want to had a guy with a silly French accent think about me^^

+2 votes     reply to comment
ProspectGames Author
ProspectGames Mar 14 2012 replied:

Thanks, and if we do I'll be sure to contact you!

+1 vote   reply to comment
xalener Mar 13 2012 says:

I could probably try out for Jay, but damn this college schedule.

At least I have access to a *not bad* recording booth.

+2 votes     reply to comment
ProspectGames Author
ProspectGames Mar 14 2012 replied:

It wouldn't hurt to send through some stuff, if you're good for the part then it would worth waiting (within reason) for a better schedule.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Urby Mar 16 2012 says:

Hey, I spoke to you via PM recently. I'll throw out some audition lines this weekend and send you a link. :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
ProspectGames Author
ProspectGames Mar 18 2012 replied:

Sounds great, looking forward to it.

+1 vote   reply to comment
TheSibb Mar 22 2012 says:

I don't know what to do about a demo, but I could do the prisoner guy. I have that kind of voice.

the trouble: he's japaneze. I'm a mild whizz with accents, but I never could get japaneze or chinese down.

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheSibb Mar 22 2012 replied:

If not, I can work on getting an idea of kelly's voice. I grew up down south, so I could probably work the rest of it out.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dashcycle Apr 16 2012 says:

I would love to help with this in anyway.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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