RenderWare is a 3D API and graphics rendering engine used in computer games, Active Worlds, and some VRML browsers. RW is developed by Criterion Software Limited (which used to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon but is now owned by Electronic Arts).

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A solid engine and can be used multiple tasks but a little bit out to date. Some on of my games written under this engine and I really hope this can be useful to make addons or further projects to current projects.

I wish to use this engine someday for testing developer skills.

Very good engine, a lot of cool games using it.

Because is used fro making such a great game like GTA San Andreas. Also there are tons of mods for GTA:SA

nothing is good in there


for me..
RenderWare is indeed the best engine for game.. :)

BLACK and COLD FEAR are great games that run on RenderWare.



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