Jenesis Engine (JE)was custom made for the The SCND Genesis (SG)game franchise. The games unique structure and gameplay required something built from the ground up to adequately support them. JE inherits all of Javas features such as cross platform and architecture support as well as multithreading. Version 1.0 which was used in SG Legends is free, under the GPL verion 3 license. The upcoming SG Legacy is built on Version 2 which is under a proprietary license. The Lite version, which shall be used on Live and is based on JavaScript, is currently under the GPL version 3 as well.

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My Lands
My Lands

My Lands Indie

6 months ago TBD Single Player Grand Strategy

My Lands is a free online RTS where dark and light forces fight for Black Gem and dominion in a vast fantasy world. Cooperation between players, joint...

The SCND Genesis: Legacy
The SCND Genesis: Legacy

The SCND Genesis: Legacy Indie

2 days ago TBD Single & Multiplayer Real Time Strategy

Following the events at Ibex Hill Academy, war is on the Horizon. A Sect is harvesting human souls to summon a devastating Celestia Weapon of unparalleled...

The SCND Genesis: Legends
The SCND Genesis: Legends

The SCND Genesis: Legends Indie

5 months ago Released Nov 27, 2011 Single & Multiplayer Fighting

THE SCND GENESIS: LEGENDS is a fighting game set in a post apocalyptic Africa. It is based on a webcomic which chronicles the adventures of an elite group...

Windows, Mac, Linux
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