Making live collaboration across the globe possible. HeroEngine is an MMO development team’s dream come true - it streamlines the entire process of building your MMO game. Artists, world builders, scripters, game designers, producers, and customer service can all collaborate live, online, in real-time. Create and update your game faster, with more time to focus on the fun rather than waiting for code to crunch. Build the game and play it at the same time to see instant results.

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Ive been using Hero Engine for 4 years now as a world builder the tools are amazing. The updates in the past year have improved it alot too.

The game engine is a great tool for game developers and indie game developers to create large scale MMOs of all types.

we just bought a sub a couple weeks ago. just after a couple days we decided to upgrade. Though it might not have dx11 just now it is more than worth it. HSL is a bit difficult to get into, but our coder is picking it up fast. looking forward to the new updates end of the year.

Proven MMO Framework... not much else to say about that..
HSL... Its a scripting language, and like any other scripting language has its pros and cons. However, its as close to having complete access to the source as you can get, without having it.. HSL has a huge amount of access to the c++ code via external functions, and comes with a ton of default systems ready to be expanded.. with that comes a wealth of knowledge from the community.
Upgrades continue, Live collaboration, real time building/no build time for code.. its the perfect environment to build an MMO. HE does NOT create games.. its not supposed to. It provides an optimal environment in which developers, writers,and managers can work together to bring their dream to fruition. Thats a whole lot of nice things about Hero Engine.. why? I use it, and have since 2013. Ive seen it get better, and ive seen the devotion and loyalty of the engineering team... alot of devotion and loyalty.. even in testing times..


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