Frostbite 2 was one of the first engines released to support DirectX 11 technology debuting with DICE's blockbuster Battlefield 3.

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No modding support ruined it for a lot of people and I'm one of them :(

As powerful as this engine is, there's really no use if it is mod proof. In fact, it's actually being used against us.

Well,its already known that this engine gives birth to hate,because of missing modification tools.
But that is not a reason to hate it or blame developers for reasons like those
Engine is really stable,has its own performaces and makes the game really enjoyable.


Were is the modding tools for it?
EA just dont give it to us,they need money to clean they *****
I saw on internet a few photos with FrostED tools,with they are editing BF3
Whats the point for giving money,if there is no modding tools?

Im really disappointed,EA and DICE
The money changes you,but you forgot about us,veterans and modders :(

Engine is alright.
Its build is stable,but in some places still needs fixes
Eats a lot of memory,and you need powerfull rig,which some people can't afford

8/10 for the second generation of Frostbite

Battlefield ... you could be better, but at least you are not COD.

This is not a very good engine. It is claimed to be very difficult to use, which is totally inconvenient. It took one DICE employee a week to compile a map in this engine. What good is an engine if it's only good for the consumer. Not to mention other game engines are far more powerful and superior than this. This engine does not have real-time destruction, in fact all it is prescripted animations. Even the Source Engine is fully capable of real time destructible envronnments Not to mention that games that are powered by them don't look very good. Battlefield 3 "superior" graphics consist of a lot of "shine" and unrealistic lighting. There is no colour in the game. BF3's colour scheme consists of semen white (The new Medal Of Honor is no exception and suffers from the same thing). How can BF3 have the best graphics when it has a terrible art design. Truth be told, Bad Company 2 looks a lot better than BF3. I would go as far as to say that the new Counter Strike looks a lot better than Battlefield 3. The only reason why the game has so much hype is because sheep like Angry Joe and gamers a like keep following each other, praising the graphics so much when the game doesn't look better than The Witcher 2 and Crysis 1 and 2. I would go as far as to say the The Call of Duty series has a better art style than BF3 and MOH:WF, and that this is a very sub par engine.


The first frostbite engine was better


Because it's not downloadable ... otherwise it would be the most awesome engine around here

Because **** YOU! That's why.

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No modding support ruined it for a lot of people and I'm one of them :(

Nov 5 2013 by 7game