001 Game Creator is a completely free, easy-to-use object-oriented program that allows you to bring your unique game ideas and concepts to life.

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Brilliant! One of the most flexiable programs available for any gamers to use! This system provides a preset of essential tools like scripting, codes, graphical resources, and etc. to create games in minutes. Additionally, Game Creator 001 continues to release new updates for new features that will keep game creators busy from new ideas!

Serrafina, Member since November 1, 2007.


On April 8th, it will be my 4th year at Engine001.com . I say over the years this amazing engine has grown quite a lot.

Engine001 is quite simple to use once you spend a couple minutes in it. I have zero programming skills, but with Engine001 I can do a lot of complicated scripting with their Graphical Scripter. Making a game is so easy with Engine001, so easy that all you need is it and free time!

This is an excellent, fun utility with which the creator of games can make good-looking and fun games with little time but a lot of creativity spent. If you want to create a huge Ultima-style retro RPG, this will be perfect.

Most of the game creation is done by a point-and-click system; even the scripting. There is a huge amount of readily user-made resources for download on the 001 Engine Website. The engine is also regularly updated and gets even more impressive as time goes by.

This is seriously recommended to anyone new to creating games who want to do their first RPG or scrolling shooter perhaps; veteran modders, like myself, and game makers can also find some good fun here.

One of the best free game creation Engines to ever rise out of the indie community. It has a supportive community, an easy-to-use scripting interface, and an entirely customizable experience, ensuring that any game can be exactly like you imagine it.

This Engine will always be free, although you can pay to get earlier access to better features, such as 3D, mouse support, multiplayer betas and more.

The website contains support for the game creator with an active forum, a bustling tutorial and resource community, and plenty of great games to choose from, stand-alone.

It's not professional, but it's getting closer and closer with every update. It's easy to use, and fun to play.

- Tabula Rasa
Member since July 20, 2008.

Easy to use, powerful, flexible. Just a few things that come to mind when asked to describe 001 game creator. With the user friendliness needed for newcomers, and the power wanted by experienced scripters, the engine will suit your needs.

I rated 001 a 10 because 001 is simply a great editor, the editors interface is really easy to navigate, the pre-made drag and drop scripting events are remarkable and there's 100's to choose from and always being updated with more!

The editor comes supplied with professional artwork and music to help beginners and advanced users alike to create the game of their dreams and best of all you don't need to know how to code as its all there for you!

The editor also comes supplied with a very active and very friendly community who are willing you help you with an issues that arise, you can also create your game, build it and host it free of charge on the 001 website allowing you to show your game(s) off to the world.

I have been a member for nearly two years and within these two years the editor as grown tremendously and still continues to grow as we speak, a very easy to use editor, completely free with ton's of brilliant features, i will continue to use 001 for years to come, well worth the download! 10/10

One of the greatest...

Such a powerful development tool that never gets enough credit. I have been using 001 since 2007 and I am AMAZED at the progress that has been made in the past years and excited to see this Engine packing so much power now. Also a great forum for quick community and developer Tech Support if you ever get snagged! It really can't be beat. Whether you're an artist that has no interest in programming but would like to make a game, a newbie to the programming world that wants to wrap your head around coding logic, or a seasoned programmer that's looking for something a little more interesting than solid walls of code(although the engine does support text scripting, if that is really your thing)then Engine001 is DEFINITELY for you! My current project, Krown is being developed with the 001Engine, so if you want to see 001 in action, check it out.

The best game engine in the world

It's a great engine aside for the crashes, and the Subscription fee is a little unnecessary, but all in all a great engine

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