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Apr 18th, 2013
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Put up another update. Fixes a bunch of things. And I quickly remade the tile-set editor so it's less ghetto looking. The built-in graphical editor got a bunch of fixes done to it as well!

-Added "Play Sprite" interface event to play sprite sequences inside interfaces, with options to place them above or below fields.
-Added table/collection editing.
-Added "Delete Table Row", "Sort Table Row", "Find in Table", "Table Axis Loop" and "Table Loop" events and use values.
-Added "Actor Enters Proximity" and "Actor Leaves Proximity" triggers that go off when an actor of a certain template gets within proximity of an actor.
-Added "Random Possibilities" math use value that returns a value from a set of random possibilities.
-Added "Switch" and "Choose" structure use values that return a value based on parameters.
-Added "Opposite Direction", "Clockwise", "Counter-Clockwise" and "Direction Point X/Y" geometry use values.
-Added "Pad Left/Right/Centered" and "Text Repeat Count" text use values.
-Made maps older than April 2011 no longer open.
-Made performance better in rendering tiles.
-Made tile-sets all be the same file type.
-Fixed 1 pixel connection glitch in graphical scripting when zoomed in/out.
-Fixed crash when creating an interface from the Interfaces folder.
-Added copying, pasting and organizing of resources.
-Fixed issues with leaving/entering map/interface editors.
-Fixed crash or invalid listing of actor variables when using the "Actor Variable Operation" event inside a non-actor trigger/script.
-Added "Interface" view to sprite editor to preview what things will look like on interfaces.
-Fixed previewing fields when adding non-regular fields.
-Fixed default values when adding non-regular fields.
-Made all resource choice boxes into buttons that brings up a far more interactive resource picker.
-Made layout better in sprite editor, moving common functionality out of graphics options window.
-Added multi-color layer support to sprites, allowing a sprite to have more than one tintable color without using extra clothing/accessory sprites.
-Made actor sprite components flash when you hover over the layer or color.
-Fixed changing and display of "Scripting ID" of playable characters.
-Added "Move to Front/to Back/Forward/Backward" right-click actions to animations.
-Made it warn when attempting to use the flat option in sprite editor when there was non-right direction animations.
-Made tile-set picker more visually interactive.
-Fixed improper error (subscript out of range instead of resource is corrupt) when a 0-byte file was open.
-Fixed showing improper options in sprite editor when selecting collisions.
-Fixed not producing scripting syntax errors in text-based scripting and use value / retrieve value boxes when using only opening brackets.
-Made it warn when using what is likely a use value in a non-numeric text box in graphical scripter.
-Made maps/interfaces into tabs, and got rid of all the settings/resources/gameplay options from the project tree.
-Added editing resources within resource pickers.
-Added editing resources while a map/interface is loaded.
-Fixed crash when deleting all icons.
-Made attached sprite options in its own window in actor editor to clean things up.
-Fixed issues with importing character/vehicle/turret resources.
-Fixed not asking to save after adding custom poses to sprites.
-Fixed not asking to save after changing "Initially Turned On" in input sets.
-Made wording more clear for destination location for doors and zones.
-Added map boundary connections to simplify connecting maps.
-Added "Edit Actor Template" button on actor editor window.
-Updated user interface icons.
-Added built-in graphics editor.
-Added "Spawn Light", "Spawn Zone", "Delete Light" and "Delete Zone" events.
-Added "Memorize Position" and "Position Memorized" actor events.
-Added "Include Equipment" option to "Item Branch" actor event.
-Fixed main map editor toolbar from being overlapped by other toolbars.
-Fixed crash/errors after using "Actor Variable Operation" event inside of a newly created map or interface.
-Added sprite and tile-set resources to platformer game template.
-Updated event icons.
-Added "Change Solid" actor event.
-Added "Change Initial Delay", "Change Interval", "Change Player Proximity", "Change Number of Ticks" and "Change Elapsed Time" timer/spawn events.
-Fixed clearing the source image in the "Add Image Strip Frames" window in the sprite editor.
-Fixed copying/pasting/deleting events inside an actor template when having gone to edit an actor template from the actor window.
-Added "Two Sided" sprite graphic option.
-Made all speed and acceleration sliders into special speed/acceleration controls.
-Made it possible to pick "(None)" when creating actors or switching actor templates on an actor.
-Fixed blank game template from having "(Deleted)" set for certain settings.
-Fixed crazy decimals in actor magnification.
-Fixed right-click without left-clicking sequence features from not working properly.
-Fixed undo/redo in sprite editor from not updating sequence list properly.
-Added "Proportional" option to field edging options.
-Made field edging options be disabled whenever appropriate.
-Fixed crashes when editing actors when there's an interface with no name.
-Fixed not asking to save when creating a new map/interface.
-Fixed strange problems when cancelling the creation of a new map/interface.
-Fixed not being able to edit collision on a sequenceless sprite.
-Added "Static" option for field visual setting, to disallow auto-changing colors when field states are changed.
-Fixed being able to put higher than 4 players in certain options throughout the editor.
-Fixed "Typewriter" display style in fields.
-Fixed crash when testing a game that has corrupt trigger parameters.
-Fixed crashes related to restarting the game in certain triggers.
-Made locking in "Lock/Unlock Camera" automatically pre-pan to the current location.
-Fixed sprite particles from ignoring sequence rotation.
-Fixed "Load Game from Slot" event.
-Fixed routes/auto-movement/move events from not always triggering actor/zone collision triggers.
-Fixed not triggering all touched actor triggers when multiple actors are being touched.
-Fixed crash when testing a game/map/interface while the map editor was up, especially when testing in full-screen.
-Fixed particles being sped up.
-Fixed incorrect mouse hovering triggers at (0, 0).
-Fixed another issue with actors getting stuck with auto-movement and AI movement.
-Fixed static variables and "Once Branch" data from being lost when loading a saved game.
-Fixed more issues with particle effect node rotation.
-Fixed "Direction Branch" from not working properly.
-Fixed animations from not always playing on vehicle-based movement.
-Fixed animations from not always playing while actors went through non-solid actors.
-Added actor template specification in the triggers debugger window.
-Added "Show/Hide Sprite" screen events to simplify displaying a sprite.
-Added alternative interface layouts, allowing you to design your interfaces based on operating system, aspect ratio, resolution and device size.
-Fixed field word-wrapping from ignoring font size and edging.

-Fixed map editor crashes.
-Fixed blue coloring of display toolbar in map editor.
-Fixed sizing issues with script nodes.

-Fixed crashes related to compiling custom events and making changes.
-Fixed crash when deleting statistics.
-Fixed crash when editing an event with a resource use value that is large.
-Fixed crash when editing ammo form a newly created item.
-Fixed possible crash when deleting or changing tile-sets to/from wall sets.
-Fixed crash from pressing keyboard shortcuts while dragging something in the map editor.
-Fixed auto-reverting of map/interface nesting.
-Fixed right-click Paste malfunctioning when cursor leaves the map editor viewport.
-Fixed repeated asking if fonts should be saved whenever font padding has been changed.
-Fixed issues with copying and pasting with pointer tool, such as being off-grid or off the map/interface.
-Fixed not being able to resize maps while using the pointer tool.
-Fixed missing scrollbar in input triggers window.
-Fixed being asked to save when leaving input triggers window sometimes without making any changes.
-Fixed erasing walls in front view from erasing more walls than expected.
-Made changing map settings slightly faster and not change the current layer you're editing, when not changing map size/view.
-Made the tile-set editor look better.
-Fixed billboard sprites from not obeying actor scaling.
-Fixed several crashes and other usability issues.
-Added "Complete Gesture" actor, zone and field triggers.

-Fixed crash when cutting or copying an object.
-Fixed crash and other issues with timed, proximity and remote mines.
-Fixed erroring twice about a script that should be returning.
-Fixed crash when cutting/deleting objects when result would hover over object attempted to be deleted.
-Fixed keyboard shortcuts not working well with pointer tool.
-Fixed inaccurate projectiles.

-Fixed crash when editing interfaces.
-Fixed not being able to copy/paste/delete zones/blocking.

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001 Game Creator v1.012.004
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