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Jun 8th, 2010
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I decided to make a FAQ for the Tiberian Sun Rising project since a lot of questions gets asked over and over again. I have used the thread named FAQ over at the CNC Source forums and I have backtracked the comments here on moddb to the 8th of march 2010. I have only included answers from known developers. You can find some answers in the description but the full FAQ is 39 pages long and well worth a read!

Golan :
Okay, just to clarify some points (keep in mind however that Assassin's word weights more than mine on this).
TSR isn't TS in 3D. It's what TS could have been if it were developed today, in 3D, with new technology and an evolved RTS genre. TS was great game and it will always be a great game, but there is little point in doing it again exactly the same way. If you wish to play TS then you probably have a shortcut to the 1999 version on your desktop as most of us do anyways.
TSR tries to stay true to TS' *spirit*. That means we don't do anything voxel for vertex, INI-line for XML-line as in the original, but neither do we take anything from other games without proper thought. If something is in TSR, no matter where it comes from, then we've made absolutely sure that it fits into our vision of the Tiberium universe.
By design, most TS elements have an extremely high vision-fitting-coefficient.

We are trying to maintain C&C3's scalability, eg C&C3 can play on any machine that will run C&C Generals at its minimum requirments, while it doesnt look much better then C&C Generals it runs its playable its fun.
That and considering the fact the mod was originally for C&C Generals this seems only fair. That and more people that can play = the better for the multiplayer matchs of TS Rising.
For those with Power PC's *like me :)* and newer, will enjoy great speeds and awesome visuals.

The mod is compatible with the latest Tiberium Wars Worldbuilder. Golan: The mod is compatible with the latest Tiberium Wars Worldbuilder.

The Mammoth Mk2 is constructioned underground in a factory below the Service Depot, then it rises up on the Service Depot Pad when it is completed. There is a secondary method to receive the Mk2 and that is via the Dropship Bay ordering it in via a Dropship.

Yeah the Dropship isnt a controllable unit, its too big and just too powerful for the player to have control over The Dropship Bay will function similarly to the Stardock in Dune2, fluetuating prices on the units, so at times u can get ur units super cheap at other times much more expensive then normal, and on rare occasion perhaps a unit that isnt normay buildable like prototype weapons or first war weapons perhaps. This makes it quite different from the War Factory but still useful
Assassin: You order what units you want the Dropship to drop at the location you choose. Also the Dropship Bay is required to gain the ability to call in the Dropship. There is a recharge timer for this support power as once the Dropship hsa dropped its load it needs to refuel back at the nearest GDI Supply Base and prepare for your next order.

GDI and Nod are Asymmetrical in Tiberian Sun Rising, to give a unique playing experience for both GDI and Nod. They are true to the theme's that make up each faction.
Golan: In principle, Nod has the more extreme units, not necessarily the more powerful units. Generally speaking, most Nod units have a few stats they excel at whereas GDI units are more well-rounded. This makes Nod very strong if the player is skilled and can steer the battle as Nod units excel at their primary
task, while GDI players can rely on flexibility and react quickly as GDI units are still quite capable of handling their secondary tasks.
Assassin: Hey dont worry we got some cool stuff on Nods faction to balance things out which we'll be revealing soon enough :). Remember this is a reimagination & modernisation of Tiberian Sun so we've revised both factions while staying true to the original.

Is it possible for a small patch of tiberium to eventually spread across the whole map? Assassin: Not only that but Tiberium will mutate what it comes in contact with, Trees will become Mutated tree's like those from Firestorm if your lucky possibly a Blossom Tree. Animals & Wildlife will mutate into Tiberium Creatures. Under specific conditions new Vein Holes can form, this is what I mean by a Dynamic Environment. If Tiberium Saturation of the map reachs a certain level Ion Storms will start occuring.

We understand the desire for a release ;), and me and the team are working very hard towards those ends. We also realize that despite our focus on quality when we release there'll still be problems. Which is why we will be doing a public beta for our first release, but after we've eliminated the really nasty bugs through internal beta's first.

Currently, our main goal concerning walls is to create a second build system other than the regular concrete wall system you know from most TW-mods that doesn't place a row of individual wall blocks but creates a single line of the correct length between two wall hubs. This is vital to allow creating Laser Walls as they were in TS and make the Firestorm work efficiently.
The gate logic itself works fine, we use it for the Firestorm as well. The current problem is placing gates on walls or connecting them to it, TW's grid-less build system is very unforgiving on this issue.

The rings are part of our Enhanced Reality approach to C&C's EVA command system. In short, they replace the old house color system of painting units in the player's color. Note that the rings around structures will definitely be made more subtle, the unit rings might get toned down a bit too.

How about original music and unit voices?
General_Aurum: We are indeed planning on giving the units their own unique voices, and TS's soundtrack has already been implemented.

We have plans on doing a "new" campaign that lets you see the Second Tiberium War from a new perspective. IIRC Cypher posted some details on it. We're not in a stage of actively working on it yet, however.

We've defiantly thought bout it a CABAL faction would be cool I agree, but for now lets just focus on getting GDI and Nod finished and the Tiberium Ecosystem get a release out. Then we'll decide where we go from there ok :).

Will you make Tech levels to the game?
Golan: The mod will probably not have tech-levels, simply because it can't be integrated properly into the UI (we are sadly limited to the original game's options there).

Will crates appear?
Assassin: You bet ya, Crates are what add an unknown element to multiplayer & skirmish and will be featured.

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Unofficial Tiberian Sun Rising FAQ
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ApornasPlanet Author
ApornasPlanet Jun 9 2010, 2:24am says:

it's unofficial and have nothing to do with TSR except that it includes comments made by developers. If someone on the team wants me to remove it I will!

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ApornasPlanet Author
ApornasPlanet Sep 29 2011, 10:50am says:

Ok, I've updated the FAQ now, it 39 pages long now and well worth a read!

Link to the TSR mod page:

+2 votes   reply to comment
AirborneSn1p3r Oct 1 2011, 8:45am says:

Cool Must Have A Look :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
ApornasPlanet Author
ApornasPlanet Oct 4 2011, 8:31am says:

If you wanna read in your browser:

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