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Apr 15th, 2014
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EDIT: This version old and no longer available. Go to the download page for last updated version. Finally you can try THE BODY CHANGER also here on IndieDB! The DEMO is long, take your time and maybe support it on GREENLIGHT! If you enjoy the DEMO please give us a nice YES and leave a comment on the Steam page! Any vote is step forward and a BIG help for us! ;)

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The Body Changer DEMO v. 0-1-5
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Guest Apr 18 2014 says:

its good

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NECROmods Apr 18 2014 says:

its really cool!

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Guest Apr 18 2014 says:

Awesome c:

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guitarlol Apr 20 2014 says:

didnt play it yet, looks good by the way, but to be sure...

does it has a ragdoll mode?

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Bullseyehit Apr 20 2014 says:

I've played it. It is very good, i like these kind of games. Keep it up.

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Herr_Sturmführer Apr 20 2014 says:

Well done, you should be proud of your work.


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KamRandle Apr 20 2014 says:

Pretty cool! :D

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thedarkgod Apr 20 2014 says:

Edit: put the comment on the front page instead.

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Guest Apr 20 2014 says:

looks interesting. I love the style of art though!

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Mr-Pig Apr 20 2014 says:

So far its looking real good, got a good graphics layout. One issue is it seems clunky the way you change bodies with the middle mouse button.

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alexiusnexus Apr 21 2014 replied:

use left mouse btn + space bar

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theristantejadharma Apr 20 2014 says:

looks good,gonna give it a try

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Shot846 Apr 21 2014 says:

Wow, Nice!

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Guest Apr 21 2014 says:

In my childhood, I loved such games... When you'll release a full version of this game, I'll surely try it out!

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Guest Apr 21 2014 says:

really nice game!!

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Guest Apr 21 2014 says:

its good

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Guest Apr 21 2014 says:

Pretty neat. This has the potential to become something. There's a bug with the UI though: Once you get the second door code and either die or reload the game from last checkpoint/save, you have to redo the entire first level. So when you get a new code for the first door, both codes overlap on the UI and you get semi-transparent dots (which makes it impossible to get through that first door).

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Guest Apr 21 2014 says:

very fun game

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wonkyseasons Apr 21 2014 says:

Its simply breath taking ... keep it up guys.. may lord be with you...:)

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Captain_Hell_Knight Apr 21 2014 says:

It was quite fun to play. Good work, guys.

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darmoff Apr 21 2014 says:

That was a Great 'demo' ,It's good how the codes for the doors change with every play plus i got lil scared with the fighting stage Excellent Work Guys! This is gonna Be a Wicked game

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CleanWater Apr 21 2014 says:

Good game! ;)

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115spt2 Apr 21 2014 says:

dude this game is cool i give i 10 out of 10

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Guest Apr 22 2014 says:

It looks good, even from the pictures.

It's unique for me to see that game, due to the contours in the graphics of the game

Just a question, do you have a program for the game, that acts as a mission, map and possibly unit editor?

BTW, i am SuomiKP... i am on another pc...

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SnappedRaider Apr 22 2014 says:

The quality is amazing even if it's on LOW!
The puzzles in the game was complicated but that made it more fun,
Only problems I had with it was that the character skin was a, the items in the game were complicated as sometimes you didn't know which ones to use but altogether it may have potential as its unique!

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gaminggears Apr 22 2014 says:

This is a great game with puzzles like the code for the doors, who changes every time you play. Great work and thumbs up.

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renzy199 Apr 22 2014 says:

will there be mac version? i dont own window

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Guest Apr 22 2014 says:

Looks good

+3 votes     reply to comment
Ericthemookslayer Apr 22 2014 says:

Sorry, I don't have Windows. Mac can't do anything, ha ha ha!

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Guest Apr 26 2014 replied:

Oh Shutup

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Baharas Apr 23 2014 says:

I found the Demo fun played trough it twice and was loved it when I saw that the codes change each time you play. Alright graphics but the inventory was bugging me at first but got used to it so wasn't much of a problem. Hope you guys do well on this game and I will play this game when you finish him. I am going to give him 8.7/10

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MTGunslinger Apr 23 2014 says:

i shall be watching, GOOD JOB!

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meskis Apr 23 2014 says:

Ok so at first i was like idk but now when i played it its realy good 9/10

+3 votes     reply to comment
Knoerkel Apr 23 2014 says:

at first: Errrm what should I do
then: **** im an idiot :D
It is a good game
but the inventory is something that could be better

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Guest Apr 23 2014 says:

Doesn't works on my pc .

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runningsniper Apr 24 2014 says:

I honestly didnt like it but only because its not my type of game.

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grabeskuehle Apr 24 2014 says:

A nice game already, although i found the demo to be a little bit short.
Realy love the water-fx :D

+4 votes     reply to comment
Zeke_Dlyoung Apr 24 2014 says:

Very nice game, liked it a lot more than I thought I would :)

+5 votes     reply to comment
f.woestenburg Apr 25 2014 says:

I just love this game. there is also a puzzle part of the game and i like that. i will ask my friends to like this game on steam

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LuisVilbro Apr 25 2014 says:

In response to a message sent by the developer:
After playing the demo I find the game to be well designed, but I wouldn't really call it innovative, and the visuals are pleasant. Unfortunately this is not my kind of game and for that reason I'm not really interested in playing the rest of it.

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Purgatoris Apr 25 2014 says:

Got your message and thought "Hey, why the hell not?"

I downloaded the demo and played it, pretty short but, well, it's a demo.
I didn't encounter any bugs and I enjoyed it. The body changing concept is pretty cool and pretty fun, giving the possibility for an awesome amount of puzzles.
The part where you had to continuously switch between the one with the activator and the one with the gun was pretty fun.

But as stated above, I think the inventory screen is somehow annoying and the controls feel kinda sluggish.

The grapgics are cool and I love how the game advertises with the different kinds of water, that might become a really great puzzle game with action elements. Already voted on steam for it and can't wait to see a full version!

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MethaneDude Apr 25 2014 says:

it was interesting. especially the part where you had to fight the zombies. you had to think fast to save the gun droid. now make the part where you fight the shark guy

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Hunter5132 Apr 25 2014 says:

Really Good i can say it must have lots of efforts in it!

+5 votes     reply to comment
hotozi Apr 26 2014 says:


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Flash_Monkey Apr 26 2014 says:

i played the demo it was very interesting and good this game has potancial :)

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izlomm Apr 27 2014 says:

Nice :з

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Guest Apr 27 2014 says:

Very nice!

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s3r10s1n Apr 27 2014 says:

Awesome game, guys! :))

+5 votes     reply to comment
TheArtez Apr 27 2014 says:


+5 votes     reply to comment
Die4Fun Apr 28 2014 says:

The graphics are special and I like it! It is not really my type of game, but I see big potential in this title. My suggestion would be to improve the UI.

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