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Sep 16th, 2012
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This contains some of the best maps ever released for TFC.

BaM! by Mindori [CTF] BaM! Readme | Complex's Review | JMC's Review All in all, BaM's a great map. Its layout allows for very dynamic solutions to offensive attacks by the enemy, and formidable challenges for the offense in return. It's classic all over again. -radium

Betrayed by HellFace [Hunted - Escape] Betrayed Readme | Complex's Review | JMC's Review Hunted style, Betrayed is an extensive undertaking, showing much planning, thought, and detail. It's extremely playable in every which way. The author has managed to recognize the finer points of the gameplay involved in such a map, fine tune them, and build a great map around them. -radium

Canalzone by Cyrus-[CE] [Command Point Control] Canalzon Readme | Canalzone Command Center Canalzon(e), the map that had it's own religion in the days of Quake Team Fortress. Cyrus[CE] with permission and help from the original authors of the QTF version (HellFace and Ramierz) has re-created the masterpiece. After playing this, you'll wonder why you ever bothered with cz2. - The Warthog

Creek by Zouave [Assault] Creek Readme | Complex's Review Another unique goal map. One team attacks the enemy base to launch the nukes (check the readme for the story) while the other defends, then switch. Zouave, master of Info_Beta has created an excellent map filled for great battle places and choke points, as well as making sure the team works together (otherwise you cannot launch the nukes). Awesome! - The Warthog

Darkness 2 by HellFace [CTF] Darkness 2 Readme | JMC's Review A great follow-up/revision to Darkness. Abundance of tactics for defenses, use of the center wall for higher cap points adds a great twist to the proven 2fort formula. Great for large clan battles, but with the new map settings, good for any sized public match. Ohh, and pretty too. HellWalls are recommended for the best experience. - The Warthog

Mulch_Trench by Mulchman [CTF] Mulch_Trench Readme | Complex's Review This map is magnificently designed inside the bases which more than makes up for the shortcomings in the field. I strongly suggest players get this map for extreme flag capturing excitement. It's great public play without being too simple for clan match play. It's maps like Mulchman's Trench that keep the spirit of Quake 1 nostalgia and the fun of flag capturing alive. - Jinxhead

No Mans Land 3 by UncleBRUCE [CTF] NML3 Readme | Complex's Review Who knew a revamp could go so divergent? Meatgrinder is the third No Man's Land in UncleBRUCE's series, but it originally started as a fix to some of the complaints about NML. These problems were fixed, replaced, and changed with a vengeance. The map evolved into a totally new form, nearly leaving NML in the dust and thus we have NML3. Of course Meatgrinder has a lot to live up to, following two excellent NML maps, but it seems to fit the NML reputation quite well. - Jinxhead

Nuclear by Private Beavis [Unique Goal - Two Bases] Nuclear Readme | JMC's Review An Excellent map. Very detailed map with lots of secret underground passages. Go and nuke the enemy. - JMC

Renegade by Zouave [Hunted - Escape] Renegade Readme | Complex's Review Watch your step, this map is too damn slick! Of all the Hunted variations over the months, this has to be the most detailed. Windows that break, sign swinging back and forth, the signs... the Dr. Pepper machine that looks like it fell off a RL truck! You actually feel like you are at a training site within or near Black Mesa. The Junior G-Man is here to take out the guy in the suit, and that just does not sit well with him. Soldiers from the barracks escort a downed Fatty through obstacle courses, past the dam, and into the teleporter. - Crikket

Run by [taZer] [Unique Goal - No Bases] Run Readme | Complex's Review | JMC's Review Two words: Cool map. With a new kind of objective and a well constructed map, Run makes a fast and fun game for all players. - Jinxhead

Shutdown II by TheCheese [CTF Variant] Shutdown 2 Readme | Complex's Review Shutdown II - Complex

TotalWar by cyNic [CTF] TotalWar Readme | Complex's Review | JMC's Review For a two base capture the flag map, this is far from 2fortesc. It takes a while to get used to the multitude of defensive options and positions and just getting around can sometimes be confusing. However, this map has a beautiful layout and a great replayability factor. You don't come across a map this good often so grab it, play it, and love it. - Jinxhead

Vote by HellFace & Superdude [Vote] JMC's Review A one of a kind map. Players rally and vote for the map they want to play next. There's even a team of bully's to stop players from voting for a map they don't want to play. The Server Admin can setup the votable maps for anything they have on their server. With custom sounds and graphics better than the professional level, you'd be a fool not to use Vote. - The Warthog

Vote MapManager by HellFace & Superdude
Coded by Superdude, the Vote MapManager is the tool to allow a server admin to completely customize the maps allowed in vote. A few simple selection clicks and a quick recompile, the map is ready to go on the server (note: Clients do not need to run the map manager, all they need is vote and each server with different settings will be recognized. The MapManager is included however for the use of general clients for their lan games). It's a great tool/map not to be ignored. - The Warthog

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Survival Map pack omega 1
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SandeR2 Sep 17 2012 says:

Ow those good old days :)

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Uxernome Jun 20 2014 says:

lol the teams aren't balanced at all

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