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Oct 9th, 2010
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It's here at last, what everyone has been waiting for, enjoy it! Remember, if you dont know how to install it, then look in the readme! //EDIT// Do not copy the command line parameters from the readme! The minus in the readme is no real minus but a long dash. This will cause CTD! We recommend to use the Shortcut Setup Tool if you don't get the mod to run.

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Star Trek : Homeworld 2 0.5.0 Beta Release
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Nathanius Oct 10 2010 says:

There were 145 downloads from mediafire before this was authorised.

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Madman4700 Oct 10 2010 says:

i really want to play this :(
i got stupid ubuntu installed on my laptop at the moment so it shall have to wait :(

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Gregord Oct 10 2010 says:

lets see, how to rate this.. Well i've played the beta allmost the whole day and i've gotta say I'm damned impressed.. it's come a long way since the days where the intrepid was the size of a higaran probe. So far it's a great mod I highly recommend it to anyone with homeworld 2

that being said I would like to see phaser and torpedo ranges pulled in a bit. I was playing the alpha centauri map and noticed i was fireing torpedos while still in the dustcloud.. i'm thinking in later releases they should reduce the ranges by half, that and use the cloak effect hm2 has.. but other then that The mod is progressing nicely, also more build capable ships and carrier class ships would also be nice

still the mod is awesome! i can see it going places

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Nathanius Oct 11 2010 replied:

Thanks for the review, the weapon ranges have been a point of contention among the mod team so far, what with ranges of tens of thousands of kilometres being used in "canon" and HW2 conveniently using metres for everything.

Unfortunately the cloak seems to be a victim of the Shader 2 upgrade, if the original shaders are used then it displays as well as it works, but the rest of the visual quality suffers.

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Gregord Oct 11 2010 replied:

i understand, some sacrifice have to be made, farewell cloak effect.. oh well doesn't hurt the game any

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PhatBoyGeo Author
PhatBoyGeo Oct 11 2010 says:

What we will be doing is making a low-q verison of the mod at some point, , maybe ill do it in a few weeks when bug reports have started to come in.

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Schoon Oct 12 2010 says:

to be honest i am having a few problems with the mod.. or to be exact one
whenever i start a game it crashes in the middle of the loading screen
is there no AI or something?
or shall i try a fresh install?

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Nathanius Oct 13 2010 says:

There is an AI, not a very good one but one that works on at least all of the mod team's computers...

Try adding "-windowed" to the shortcut, Homeworld 2 tends to display an error message (if any) only when the windowed function is enabled. It might help diagnose the problem.

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Spiritworks_Gamers Oct 15 2010 says:

Ok... It doesn't work.
The mod I mean

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Stargazer42 Oct 15 2010 replied:

May you could be a bit more precisely? What exactly does not work? Doesn't HW2 start, crashes it to desktop when loading a match, ...?

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Spiritworks_Gamers Oct 24 2010 replied:

No it HW2 starts up but the mod doesn't... it just says regular old HW2.
And this is not the first mod I installed. I'm not sure whats wrong, I checked the spelling and everything, but its still the same.

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DeathOnAStick Oct 24 2010 replied:

Then your path in the target line is incorrect

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Spiritworks_Gamers Oct 26 2010 replied:

LOL Thanks... It seems instead of Homeworld 2 I made it Homeworld2.
Thanks and sorry

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glenn Oct 19 2010 says:

Im having a similar problem crashes every time it starts loading. I wasnt sure who to send the dump to though so, who wants it? :)

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Stargazer42 Oct 19 2010 replied:

We all want it!^^ So post it here:

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glenn Oct 22 2010 says:

LOLs nm. when i extracted .rar must of corrupted. I extracted again and it didnt crash anymore.

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Spiritworks_Gamers Oct 24 2010 replied:

LOL I tried that too... Not working

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Spiritworks_Gamers Oct 26 2010 says:

A good mod but still need alot of stuff done on it, I'm giving it a 7 out of 10 for now.

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Stargazer42 Oct 26 2010 replied:

Out of curiosity: What are your main points of criticism?

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Capt.Harrington Nov 15 2010 says:

Not sure what I am doing wrong. Mod will not launch. Game will, but not the mod. Keeps telling me to "insert disk into drive D" The game is in a drive just not "D" thats a camera memory card slot! when I try to change the "path" all I get is an error saying that the path and/or folder is not valid. What do I do? I want to play this mod!!!

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Stargazer42 Nov 19 2010 says:


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Alex4921 Nov 27 2010 says:

Not working for me.
Launches as standard HW2.
Exact command line is:
D:\Games\Homeworld2\Bin\Release\Homeworld2.exe –mod ST-HW20.5.0.big

The path of the .BIG file is:

What have i done wrong?

Disregard this,the shortcut i pasted from the readme used the long dash.
May want to fix that on next release :P

Now it is crashing whenever i try to load a skirmish game...

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striker133 Dec 16 2010 replied:

I agree, this mod doesn't work. I have this as my target
"C:\Game Files\Sierra\Homeworld 2\Bin\Release\Homeworld2.exe" -mod ST-HW20.5.0.big
But it doesn't work.
What is the right target please

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hungryman52 Nov 30 2010 says:

looks like nothing but problems lol.

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striker133 Dec 16 2010 says:

These mods look great but it would be nice if someone would develope a one click download that would also install.
It would eliminate a lot of headaches.
So much time and effort is put into the development but very poor effort in the final installation follow through.
Seems like all moders are in the same category.
You have to search for the answers. If you miss a . or - or space it screws up.
You also have to research resolution problems.

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Stargazer42 Dec 16 2010 replied:

How about this?

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striker133 Dec 16 2010 replied:

OK - How does the Short Cut Installer Work
Screen # 1 - What main directory do you use ?
Screen # 2 - What the $&$&$%&
SCreen # 3 -
Then it installs the short cut - The target is luatrace -noMovies
What the $&^$&$%& - And it still doesn't work

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Jon0791 Dec 19 2010 says:

ok i reaaaaallly need help with the shortcut installer, step by step instructions would be preferable

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minispyder Jan 18 2011 says:

humm. Ok, from all the videos, absolutely beast mod, however when I try to run it, the game tells me to insert the correct disk? I have my homeworld 2 disk in, i have run other mods before and never has this problem.. i dun get it.. lol. seriously though i would love to play this one, any suggestions as to what to do?

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minispyder Jan 18 2011 replied:

alright, i guess small update. I still have trouble playing the mod, but only on the mod's maps. I am able to play on the base game's maps, and on the deep space map in the mod, but any other and the game either freezes, and crashes, or it tells me to insert the correct disk. However, I have at least gotten to play the mod, and it is more epic than i thought. Granted, I was definitely hoping this one had the romulans in it, I suppose I will have to deal with only klingon and federation for now, not to say that the sovereign is all that bad. Love the texture work, and look forward to a lo-res version, as my video card has trouble and my fps rate drops really low when i am in close view. as long as i am in the tactical view though, it runs well. Only real request i could have to possible improvement is maybe to make it so that the federation base doesnt say "mothership" every time i select it, and maybe some different VOs than what the base game used, like maybe picard speaking when using the sovereign might be cool. other than that, sweet mod and i just wish i could play on the new maps.

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ReginaldDouchestrap Feb 7 2011 says:

Hello, awesome mod. On Windows 7 it runs quite well. Multiplayer crashes almost every time, I've never finished a game on the home LAN. Also, a few things seem unbalanced. For example, The battle cruisers for the Klingon side get produced only slightly more slowly than the the corvette class (or in the case of the Vor'Cha v the Defiant, faster). Here are the build times, costs and rate of Resource Units used per second by the mothership in producing them (Name,RU,s,#RU/s):
Battlecruisers: Vor'Cha,1900,53,35 Nach Gh'rel,2200,60,36 Neg'Vhar,2500,70,35 Maq'mlgh,3000,80,37.5
Frigates: Fek'Hir,800,45,17.7 K'ron,900,48,18.7
Corvettes: K'tinga,600,44,13.6
Fighters: Mok Tal,200,40,5 Klingon Scout,200,20,5
Incomplete, but it shows how the small craft consume resources slowly and get only marginally faster build times. Unfortunately the disparity throws off the strategic balance, especially in the default and high unit cap games. If one player builds nothing but the heaviest battlecruisers they can, and the other player builds an even fleet, then the battlecruiser fleet will win. The even fleet will not be able to produce enough smaller ships in an equal time span to counter the battlecruisers. Takes the fun out of it. Also, a ship 15 times bigger than another only taking 2 times as long to build seems farfetched, even for Star Trek.

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JVHW Apr 9 2011 says:

Downloaded it, made a shortcut... the game and mod is playing...

But it's super-slower than the other mods, as in it takes 5 seconds just to move your cursor. WHY?

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republic32 Jul 16 2011 says:

when i click the shortcut it plays and then i go skimish and then no races come up what do i do

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primus89 Aug 3 2011 replied:

Just click where they would normally be...

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primus89 Aug 3 2011 says:

The skirmish loads to the end and then crashes back to desktop..really annoying can anyone help please?

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joshua.joker Aug 8 2011 says:

this is ****** i have this shortcut problem and everytime i try to play the mod it is just the standard game i mean seriously people wtf make a proper tutorial its not that hard and how about putting the download on this site and its not just me who has this shortcut target problem every other man and his dog seems to have it

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mechwarrior24 Feb 20 2012 replied:

Bit late, but how about simply learning how to make the shortcut yourself? It isn't that hard.

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TE5LA Oct 2 2011 says:

Any new download links? These links are broken.

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StonerDoom Mar 10 2013 says:

I did everything it said on the readme but the mod is not installed

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