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Dec 16th, 2012
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Small updated version. mostly meant so users of the mod can use this download.

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Renegade Guard 0.64
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moddlord1 Dec 16 2012 says:

waz up! much thanks for the update downloading now

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STALKERw40k Dec 18 2012 says:

I can not download says: "The file you have selected (Renegade_Guard_0.64.rar) is not available via any mirrors. Please check back shortly as our servers update every 5 minutes." as I do?

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paradamed Dec 23 2012 says:

could you guys pls upload it to somewhere else (pls, not to gamefront). Moddb servers are 99% of the time busy. Thanks in advance

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fuggles2k Dec 30 2012 says:

Awesome, I'm so glad this is still going!

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LoftySgtTaylor Jan 1 2013 says:

will it work on DoW dark Crusade

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Torzel Author
Torzel Jan 3 2013 replied:

No, sorry.

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Guest Jan 18 2013 says:

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Torzel Author
Torzel Jan 27 2013 replied:

It's a stand-alone version so you just need to put it in your SS directory. As for the purple box I would send that swaud into combet then press "Ctrl, Shift, `" all together and see if it mentions what file is missing. Hunting down a missing file in particular can be hard sometimes.

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Perturabos_Giraffe Feb 10 2013 says:

its time again for some suggestion. the mod greatly improved since 0.60. except for the trigger happy enforcers running and shooting around instead of protecting their wards with their sabers.

maybe its just personal favor but i think the turret teams still looks a bit hilarious. 5 big guns at once (say for 2 pop cap in a squad) looks like the warlord gets sales discount on heavy weaponry. maybe something like popcapcost 1 for maximal 3 turrets (which would make maybe more sense for such a fireteam maybe with some more damage) and something like hardcap for turretteams 4 or 5 so players are forced to use rocket and mortar at all.

another idea would be upgrades for rocket and mortar squads. rockets maybe some customrockets for infantrydisruption or some warpcharged big boom / moralekill with cooldown and mortars something like gas (biovores iam looking at you!) and the generic rhinos smoke screen to support the militia.

the militiamansquad need some moralerebalancing. the idea with 150 0.25 morale is not bad, but they could still have a decreased death penalty at least without grenade launcher upgrade.

the warlord also needs some balancing. he should be more of a ranged teamplayer and stay with his soldiers instead of running around and killing other smaller heros without needed support from his militiaman. some more hitpoints, really big moraleboost to attached squads and reduced meleeoutput maybe more around necron lord or chaos sorcerer, more of course than the loyal commando squads boss. he is stil a tiny human with chaos powers and no space marine with chaos powers. xd

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Perturabos_Giraffe Feb 10 2013 says:

the assasin is still a bit expensive, 200-250/50-100 for around 1500 hp as she is still difficult to play in the lategame could be an idea. 300/0 would be an idea if she would be earlier available like the building of the mechanised command during tier 2,5 as alternative to tanks.
speaking of tanks: is the blight drone still planned as detector?

instead of stims for the ogryn they could have some ability which sends them really berserk with something like doubled/trippled damage and speed at the strategical cost of the whole squad who doesnt take any orders except the designated target prior to the abilities activition, moraledamage or rainforcements anymore until they are all destroyed. fluffwise logical and gameplayreasonable unique.

gameplayreasonable i think the earthshakerround should be removed from the renegadebasilisk, the harbinger is enough. so the warlord still makes sense in tier 3.

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Guest Jul 6 2013 says:

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jONES1979 Jul 27 2013 replied:

Yes, it is designed for Soulstorm only.

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ariete81 Aug 25 2013 says:

hi greater i've downloaded and tried 0.64 version. playing usually crash and in txt report is write as result of error occurred during stank dump, anyone know what's about??. banners of renegade guards are blood skulls/sisters banner, for each armies selected. thank you.

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Guest Jan 29 2014 says:

This mod is incomplete and unfinished, Why would you upload something half baked? I was so looking forward to this, and I was so impressed when I saw all the artwork, the Militiamen looked a little gay but It was done really well, and then I started a game and clicking on the militiamen and giving them an order replied with, "By the Emperors will"... And It just completely ruined it for me... and in addition to that, installing this broke the AI. this is so disappointing...

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Icshi May 28 2014 says:

After installing this mod I tried a skirmish game with all other players as AIs. However, the game paused itself as soon as the map finished loading, reporting the error: "Fatal SCAR Error. Simulation Paused." By experimenting a bit, I was able to confirm that this only happens when one of the players is the Renegade Guard; when no Renegard Guard player is present the game functions as normal. I know this is a bit vague of an error to report, but I was wondering if anybody else has reported a similar issue?

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andus Mar 15 2015 replied:

Yeah. I can confirm the error.

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