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Jul 14th, 2011
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Install this if there's no version 3.5 already installed. If it doesn't find the right path for any reason, you still can extract it manually (using 7zip app or similar).

General notes:
- added kick action, takes 25hp from enemy and pushes him back. Can be empowered using boots (40hp damage and higher push back)
- added fof_brawl by Smiechu, Few Dollars More/DM game types restricted to melee only
- added player body awareness (see your legs), credits to Saul Rennison and the CSProMod Team for their implementation. Set cvar cl_legs 0 to disable them (with legs on your FOV will be forced to 75).
- added boots equipment item: allows strafe jump when left/right and crouch+jump keys are pressed
- final victory condition in cash based game modes is total cash accumulated instead rounds won
- whiskey: can be used in dual wield mode along a gun, up to 2 whiskey jars can be equipped for 2x regen rate/total whiskey. Whiskey man gets a glow outline only visible by teammates
- alternative FDM version (optional via map.cfg) which works more or less like FDM back in 3.1. Some sort of TDM if you remember. Meant to be used on smaller maps.
- updated scoreboard
- drunkness effect when a player receives some whiskey, the effect is proportional to amount received
- alternative clothes (faster capture) removed due balance reasons Map changes:
- Railhouse: loot capture mode ditched, added an improved version of VIP escort mode: vigilantes must take Ramirez up to enemy base, just walking along him. Thanks to Verrueckter_Iwan for idea.
- Monument Valley: more paths to reach barricade at 2nd stage, minor changes to time and lives management to increases chances for tight endings
- Fistful of Dollars based maps: all of them make use of team based loot (cannot be stolen), and it must be captured at specific capture zones. This is done for better balance and teamwork.
- Tramonto_lite: this map is completely symmetric now, better protection against spawn camping
- Loothill: capture zones added, new path to capture zone
- Eliminator: bonus time increased, fixed glitch which could crash server
- Presidio: improved lighting
- Sweetwater: desperados spawn changed to a zone where sniping isn't feasible, desperados start with an additional life
- Desperados: new path to tunnel area, doors cannot be blocked from the inside, minor brushwork improvements
- Nowhere: tower removed for improved map flow
- El Paso: added special zones at map ends where loot capture won't progress
- Peligro: cubemap issue fixed, it was behind a weird bug with player models disappearing, some small layout changed at middle zone, loot sacks replaced by crates Fixes:
- Dual revolvers viewmodel lagging sometimes
- Loot/items can't be picked up at certain places
- Timeleft command broken on some modes
- More accurate collision models for some cactus and small stagecoach Weapons:
- Revised accuracy penalty system: instead larger accumulated spread (handguns), recoil is stronger and it takes more time to get into rest position.
- Decreased damage in chest/stomach/arms/legs hitgroups, around a -20% each. Means only headshots do same damage amount than before
- No extra accuracy penalty while moving
- Handguns in dual mode cause more recoil and reduces player speed slightly
- Henry repeating rifle and Smith Carbine: no crosshair, higher damage drop over distance
- Sharps view drift reduced
- fists damage decreased 25%
- Mare's Leg: slightly higher rate of fire and reload speed
- Colt Navy: higher fire rate, damage decreased 10%
- Deringer: higher fire rate
- Bow reloads faster, easier to hit moving targets, does less damage from close than far away
- Dynamite: secondary attack (lob): dynamite explodes in half time than normal

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Client Installer 3.6 Full
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MARiN3 Jul 15 2011 says:

damn great, time to kick *** :-)

+1 vote     reply to comment
DNR3 Jul 15 2011 says:

great update, but i think the kick is a little overpowered :L

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheGreatGonzo Jul 15 2011 says:

I can haz .RAR?

+1 vote     reply to comment
supersonicbros369 Jul 16 2011 says:

shame ya got lazy with the reload animations for the Colt Walker :/ I still like it though

+1 vote     reply to comment
Matt_Bak3r Jul 20 2011 says:

I like it still. love the navy.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Killi101 Jul 25 2011 says:

the installer keeps failing, its taking forever to install

+1 vote     reply to comment
MARiN3 Sep 17 2011 replied:

redownload it

+1 vote     reply to comment
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