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Jun 4th, 2014
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Untill now, the AI for the new factions within this mod would only work on maps in this mod. With this file, you will be able to add the AI to most of your favourite player made maps.

This Will work on maps where all players begin with a fortress and builders like starting in an official map. It will also work with maps where only 1 or 2 players begin with objects they own, such as custom Fortresses or strongholds.

1: Download the rar. and extract the file, putting it in your The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king game file. It will most likely be located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king".

2: Using the World Builder, load up a map you wish to add the new factions AI to.

3: Go to Edit/Edit Player List...

4.a: Delete/Remove all players from the player list. If you cannot remove one because it has objects beloning to it, move on to the next.

5: Click Add Skirmish Players at the bottom of the window.

6: Look through the Player List and check that all the new players are there. The list should have all these players but not necessarly in this order:
SkirmishElves ="SkirmishElves"
SkirmishDwarves ="SkirmishDwarves"
SkirmishAngmar="SkirmishAngmar "

There are 2 more spaces on the list and will usually be filled with Player_1="Player_1" and Player_2="Player_2" or two other players that you couldn't remove.

7: Click OK and save the map. The map will now work for all the Battle for the Pelennor Fields factions.

8: There is no need to remove the file from its location as described in step 1: as it does no harm and the game will load fine with it. if you want to edit maps for/from other mods or if you justwant to leave the files as you fond them, then you should delete or remove it.

Unfortuantely, it will not work on every map. It will not work on maps where the map already had another mod's factions/players added to it. In such cases, you can make a copy of the map, rename it and delete all the players/factions from the other mod and then add the BotPF factions as described above.
It will also not work on maps where the players begin with ownership of objects, for example units or buildings such as Inns and Outposts. It will not work, for example, on maps where the creator has given each of the players a stronghold or fortress as there is only a limited number of available spaces in the player list in the maps settings and there is not enough room in the list for all the new BotPF factions and 8 other Player_N="Player_N" players. If a map has all the factions/players from step 6: above, there will be 2 spaces left on the list. This means that you can only have 2 more players (like Player_N="Player_N" players) to asign objects or scripts to or for any other purpose.

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BotPF: Adding new factions to Player Made maps.
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TheGodEuros Jun 5 2014 says:

Do I have to do that for every single map????? and also will it work online too?

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Titan-Cronus Author
Titan-Cronus Jun 5 2014 says:

Yes, you have to do that to every map you want to play on against my new factions.
Regarding online; if the other player has the exact same map (with all the players added as described above) then it should work.
To be honest, one of the players of my mod has been having problems playing my mod online. Apparently, once you have more than a particular number of factions in a mod, it starts messing up online games. I havn't been able to confirm this but Im looking into it right now and will post on the mod's main page about it the second I know anything.

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TheGodEuros Jun 7 2014 says:

Here are some extra-maps you could add to this mod

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TheGodEuros Jun 20 2014 says:

I followed all these steps and


Don't appear

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Titan-Cronus Author
Titan-Cronus Jun 24 2014 replied:

Then you need to delete 4 more players to mke room for them ones. I usually delete all the players I can then add them all again with the add skirmish players button. If there arn't any more players you can delete (because the remaining ones have objects belonging to them) then Im afraid that it won't work for that map, sorry. Actually, that said, you could go find the objects and change which player ownes them if possible, that might free up some more spaces on the player list. Usually, if you delete all the Player_X="Player_X" players, that should be enough.

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Guest Jun 25 2014 replied:

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Titan-Cronus Author
Titan-Cronus Jun 28 2014 replied:

Then Im afrad there just isn't enough room on the player list. Unfortunatly this is the problem with having so many new factions in a mod. The only other thing I can suggest is if you put map up here, I can have a look at it myself and see what I can do.

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TJZ23 Aug 28 2014 says:

I'm having the same problem. Instead of adding rohirrim and easterlings it just keeps adding players that there aren't even bases for, such as player 3 and 4 when there is only 2 players on the map.

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