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Jun 23rd, 2010
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Ok, I decided to write a background story for the tiberian universe and to write my vision of a story for a third tiberian game. As we know Tiberium Wars fuckes up canon. Everything is very brief. Maybe I will fill it out some time. Feel free to comment!

To write a good story the following needs to be answered:
*Who is Kane, why is he on earth, where does he come from, whats his goal?
*What happened to Kane after McNeil pierced him at the end of Tiberian Sun?
*What's up with Kane in the tube at the end of Firestorm?
*What is tiberium, where does it come from, why is it on earth?
*What is the tacitus, why is it on earth, who created it?
*Who is Tratos, why was it only he who could translate the tacitus?
*Who are the Scrin?

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An attempt to a story for a third tiberian game
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EAFSAgamemnon Jun 23 2010 says:

srry never mind

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n5p29 Jun 24 2010 says:

yet, it's still considered as fanon. :P

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ApornasPlanet Author
ApornasPlanet Jun 26 2010 replied:

it sure is fanon! ;)

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AirborneSn1p3r Jun 24 2010 says:

i like it, but kane was origanaly based of the bible story about kane and able, in renegade you can find a tomb with pics of him killing able and bible verses in hebrew, and as well as that at the end of the bible story he gets banished to the land of nod..
but i do like it

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ApornasPlanet Author
ApornasPlanet Jun 26 2010 replied:

Yeah I know but you can apply all that to my background story as well. But you have to view it as a metaphor kind of...

The sentinel guardians of the tiberian planet could be called Able (their race or something is called Able, or the tiberian planet itself is called Able).

God is Scrin. Scrin arrives at Able, Kane betrays and kills Able (either the planet or the sentinels since both are destroyed, back stabbed by their brother, Kane). God (Scrin), banish Kane to the land of Nod (Earth).

And then the story of Kane has passed from mouth to mouth by generations of humans and later on ended up as the bible.

It all fits! It would be much more fit with a story like that then interpret the bible literally and apply that to the tiberian storyline.

I wrote that text in such a hurry I forgot to mention all that bible stuff. But as I said, it could be rewritten.

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Chemix2 Jun 27 2010 says:

Cain is the Biblical character
Kane is the RTS Villain

Could Kane be inspired by Cain, yes, and the cave could be where he conceived his plan, and/or taken up the name. Replacing Biblical elements with C&C ones seems an awkward path and a little lazy, but it's your fan fic.

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The_Mastodon Jul 24 2010 says:

Wow what a great game that would have been. now I hate EA more then ever ...

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playmsbk Sep 28 2010 says:

my thoughts:
Kane is the biblical Cain himself. As we are told from the Bible, God exiled the humans from the Paradise because of eating the Fruit of Knowledge, Good and Evil, but He still cared for them. Cain, after having God to reject his sacrifice while He accepted Abel's, gets mad and kills his brother. God after that, put the Mark of Cain on him, making him immortal and punishing him to watch his loved ones die. He is exiled to the land of Nod, and returns after many hundreds of years to see that humans haven't evolved a little bit. Using his knowledge, he guided humanity to evolution. Kane sees that humans still needed to evolve, and seeing that Tiberium, a substance he saw God had created, and Alien technology, were his best bets, after that, it's what we know about C&C from RA to TW and maybe the intro of TT.

2)CABAL\ Kane's ressurection: CABAL, although being an intelligent AI, he was still an AI, who couldnt do anything without not being programmed to do. Kane knew he would lose the Second War, programmed CABAL to get his body and move it into a Core, from where he could control all of CABAL's moves, and make GDI and Nod form the unholy alliance, and also to have GDI (Nod wasn't strong enough) get both of the Tacitus' pieces, and have CABAL repair it.

3)Tiberium?: Tiberium is a substance created just like all other substances at he start of time. It's not only a substance though, it's a living organism, which spreads in the ground and gathers all the minerals underneath it. Its high value makes it the cause why we fight for. As a living organism, it protects itself too, by creating Tiberium- based viruses (thats why infantry dies in Tiberium, and Vehicles dont turn into Tiberium (EA's Tiberium is lame!)) It was brough on Earth by a Scrin controlled meteorite (Overlord's Wrath support power :D). Th reason why is explained on my visualisation of the Scrin.

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playmsbk Sep 28 2010 says:

Tacitus?: The Tacitus was a database created by the Scrin or some Alien civilisation close to Tiberium. It contains all knowledge on Tiberium, ranging from Tiberium Planting and real- time genetic mutation to Anti- gravity generators and huge mechs to Liquid Tiberium Weapons and chronospace travelling machines. It was being carried by a Scrin Spacecraft, which was possibly shot down by Nod by accident.

You said in your post that the Tratos story is the quickest and lamest explanation u could find. why do i think its the most epic and rational explanation? BECAUSE IT IS! i was like O_O this is really great.

Scrin?: The Scrin are an alien race which came in contact with Tiberium an unknown time ago, maybe after a meteorite containing it crashed on their planet or their planet was already full of it, but they were still in very early stages of evolution, basing all of their technology on Tiberium only. Because of that, they became fully depended on Tiberium, ands when Tiberium started to ran out, they started to send Tiberium- infected meteorites on planets which had the perfect conditions for Tiberium growth. After each success, they became even more advanced and depended on Tiberium. Becoming totally a war-race, they got all of their population to be enhanced with cybernetics. The Visceroid- like mutated Scrin served as the harvesting force (or else cannon fodder) while the non- mutated or lightly mutated ones served in the main army.

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ApornasPlanet Author
ApornasPlanet Oct 1 2010 says:

Great posts! The only thing I didn't get is this:

"You said in your post that the Tratos story is the quickest and lamest explanation u could find. why do i think its the most epic and rational explanation? BECAUSE IT IS! i was like O_O this is really great."

Could you please elaborate? Who is Tratos, why can he translate the Tacitus?

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playmsbk Oct 2 2010 replied:

Tratos can really be Mobius himself. i mean, we never see his face, we are never told who he is, and his fascination with Tiberium is too extraordinary, Mutants in fact hated Tiberium, but he studied it, just like Mobius did. we are also told that Mobius didnt keep the safety protocols in his lab, and we all know that ion storms burn everything they hit, so there couldnt be any bodies to find Mobius in the ion storm accident. he could have himself mutated by accident, or because he wanted to (he had the tech to do so, he was on Nod for a while) as he tried to find a cure for Tiberium- infected humans. although all Mutants were able to understand some of the Tacitus, Tratos' knowledge on Tiberium and him being a Mutant, he could translate it much faster and easier than anyone else (thats why he is the translator and not someone else) i mean, that part about Tratos being Mobius is really genius and logic!

u cant find my visualisation of the Scrin anywhere, its my own fanon visualisation of the Scrin based onreal canon facts (Tib meteorite in TD- Scrin Overlord's Wrath Support Power, TW insect like Scrin- Tiberium Scrin infantry, Scrin goal to harvest all Tiberium on Earth and transfer it to Ichor Hub- Scrin using Tiberium as fuel)

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Scorpionov Oct 1 2010 says:

Tratos was the leader of the forgotten during,before & after the second tiberium war he was assassinated by nod however, the forgotten fractured & never recovered after that

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Scorpionov Oct 1 2010 says:

btw he can translate the tacitus because he is a tiberium mutant which gave him the ability to understand the language of the tacitus

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predator17 Oct 24 2010 says:

wow man ...
yes.. you are a fan...

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