Valve the company behind the games such as Half Life and Half Life 2 is located in Bellevue, Washington. They are a exciting and dynamic company well known for picking up mods as retail games and welcoming budding game designers to there head office for tours.

Step 1: Click on the apply decal tool (eighth one). Step 2: Go into your texture browser and type in this character here:{ and black and white pictures should appear on your screen. These are decals. Step 3: Click on one (ex:(BIGBLOOD1). Now click anywhere in your room (wall,ceiling,floor) and BOOM your decal has been applied! There is now blood in your room! It's that easy. Note: your decal won't appear black & white in game. It will be colored.

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Valve Hammer Editor (VHE) version 3.3. This tutorial shows how to apply decals. Decals are blood, numbers; or even rad symbols. or They are quite possibly one of the if not the EASIEST thing to do in hammer. Now i will post more tutorials soon but for now i will just post this one. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns; just leave a comment at my channel or PM me.


Well, pictures would help here alot.
Although I would recommend you to choose Source or HL2 as Related Groups/Game/Engine, instead of Valve.

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The texture he mentioned is related to the Goldsource engine, also the Source engine's decal textures are already colored in hammer.

And I agree with your recommedations.

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poshgaloo Author

Well i prefer to do gold source. For nostalgia sake. Oh and yeah i will add images in my next tutorial. I was just being a lazy *** and didn't want to. :3

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