Greetings, The Sigma Game Studios is a team that make map packs and mods for Star Wars Forces of Corruption, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Crysis. We want to make the playability factor of these games top notch and increase the in-game experience through maps and mods.
Info on our new mod we are working on for SW:FOC is called Battlefronts of War: Dark Forces, we are doing some very impressive stuff both technologically and visually so follow us on updates about our mod.
Anyone can join who has experience in mapping and modding for the above games.This is the chance to be part of a modding crew, and together we shall propagate to glory.This is The Sigma Modding Group and we are creative, ambitious and full of talent. If you think you are up for the job of being part of this big modding group do not hesitate to apply.
- TheSigmaModding Crew


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