This is the Subvertus development group. It is open to members only. Summery of the mod: It all began with the Climate Controller. The Combine installed it in hopes of controlling Earth's climate for future use. But things went awry, not expecting the chaotic nature of Earth's weather patterns, the Controller caused parts of the planet to be scorched into bone-dry deserts while plunging others into an endless winter. But in some places the Controller worked, keeping places at a steady temperature and keeping storm systems away, such as City 17. Half-Life 2:Subvertus is a mod based in frozen wastelands of Europe. You start off in the boots of John Hayes , a ordinary rebel stationed in an outpost deep inside the frozen wastelands. You wake up and begin your day. Getting orders to ambush a Combine patrol, you prepare to head out, but that plan comes to an end quickly...

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