Sniper Division is a multiplayer mod wich will be based on snipers of WW2. Weapons/item: Great scale of sniper rifles, some pistols and a lighter to light up dark spots a bit. maps: forests, city's/villages and large open fields. You will be able too customize your whole sniper rifle like: adding a camo blanket, configure or changing of scopes... you will also be able to open and close your scope incase of the reflection of the sun. Also the weather has control on how your bullet will go, which you can see on you compass. This mod will be a full modification of Half life 2. Rifles will include the Kar98 Kurz, Enfield, Mosin nagant, Springfield, Svt-40 Tokarev and some other more rare rifles. Pistols: P38, Colt, Tokarev pistol and more rare ones. The mod idea is inspired by the movie enemy at the gates. It will ofcourse have a map of stalingrad, and will be all about the life and skills of the snipers.

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