Scirra is a tiny startup software company formed in June 2011. We love writing software for the challenge, the possibilities, and so we can increase what people expect from technology. Started in 2007 as a part-time open-source project, Scirra members developed the Construct Classic game creator. We've since changed focus to Construct 2, but the project remains under community development. Scirra continue to act as an incubator for the project, although we do not directly develop it any longer. We believe that HTML5 is the future of the web. We have embraced this prediction by rebuilding Construct from scratch as the HTML5 game making program Construct 2. We're developing extremely rapidly and are aiming to establish Construct 2 as an industry leader in the near future. We're excited to be involved with the future of HTML5 and the web. We look forwards to bringing you the best quality software, documentation and services to help you make the most of the web too.

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Indie Game Sweet Hunter now on indiegogo seek funding

Indie Game Sweet Hunter now on indiegogo seek funding

DustEdge 0 comments

One day, black evil comes to the world. A little guy found he has a special power on the day evil comes. Evil kills lots of peoples, but for some reason...

"Please Save Me!" Nice Game idea

"Please Save Me!" Nice Game idea

Construct 2 0 comments

"Please Save Me!" is a physics game which uses Box2D and Construct 2. It uses the most recent technology of html 5. Any platform as long as it has a browser...

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