Originally developed by Edgar Simo, the Naev team now includes numerous core developers and some twenty occasional contributors.

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Futuristic Sim

Naev is an open-source 2D space action game set in the far future. Explore, fight and trade your way across the galaxy, befriend mighty factions and take...


this game screams "transendance". it is similar with better controls and more x and y axis control (and has mouse control). but its shield, stockmarket and armour mechanics are not as good. but that may change as the game upgrades. but good job and keep it up. i am rooting for you!

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I just read the comments on the game page - someone else already told you the "basic combat" tutorial does not exist. I clicked on it and no instructions come up. Someone wrote about it last summer. I just wanted you guys to know that it still isn't working.

Fantastic game, btw! This was one of the first space games I ever played. It's thanks to Naev that I am such a huge fan of space games. Strategy games I can do without - but the RPG's like Freelancer I love and always will. Many thanks for all of your hard work. I am so grateful you didn't allow Naev to become abandonware. That would have been a real shame.

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Dear Naev Dev Team,
could you please look at this game: Neurohack.com
The systems and random stations of enemy, the shield and armor system and also the ui are in some terms somewhat better than currently in naev. The systems feel much more alive, as there are asteroid belts, including stations of different factions/races. There are also some really good things like ingame menu for using armor patches or coatings to repairs/resist damage. I'd rather just say look at it, there are many really nice things in this game, that naev would profit from!

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