2.42 Credits

Special thanks to:

Firstly Tiger for finding us an awesome server host and for keeping the place running. Also for all the amazing bases you created the work to the npcs and to the empathy.ini.

To Druid for all the hardwork you put into the ship rebalance.

To Tunicle for the hardwork thats gone into the commodity market rebuild and to the new ships you created.

To Dragnite for the endless hours of typing involved in making all the infocards, as well as system editing, mod compiling, market_ships updates and error checking.

Also thanks to all of the beta testers and for all the time and effort you were able to put into helping us with it.

Another big thankyou to the MP's who kept the place running and to the entire Monkey Universe community for sticking with us and for managing without the members of the MUMT throughout the modding process.

Also thanks to Gibbon, Bejaymac and Nightstalker for allowing us the use of the Tachyon ship packs

Thankyou to Blackhole for the Robot2 danger and battle music.

Thankyou to Tidus97 for the billboard model, CheeseonToast for the billboard animations and ProgramExpert for being a legend.

Pre-2.42 Credits

- Special thanx to awts0c and his Zorg Starfighter Mod.

- Many thanks to Black Eagle the man who brought out the Monkey in us all of us!!!

- Many thanks to the Monkey Universe community who make doing this all worth while

- Many thanks to TripleJH for putting 1.87 together and hosting the beta test server

- Many thanks to Dev for his tutorial on Limit Breaking 101

- Many thanks to Aldebaran and the Freeworlds Development team Freeworlds Development for use of Aldebarans Modular Station Resource Two site at Phpbber.com

- Many thanks to Achilles for the use of his ship models

- Many thanks to Yedari for the use of his ship models

- Many thanks to Manser for the use of his ship models Mancer's Shippack 5 v1.10

- Many thanks to TripleJH for putting 1.86 together and hosting the beta test server

- Many thanks to the monkey Universe community for their dedication to the server and their patience.

_ Many thanks to all >MP< =(Server police and admins) that work so hard everyday to keep The Monkey Universe server what it is.

- Many Thanks to Gestoord for reworking the commodity market.

- Many Thanks to Gestoord for his audio and weapons sounds.

- Many Thanks to Ice and Clide for thier help on writing info cards for new
bases and ships.

- Many Thanks to Starlancer Ship Pack Volume 1.0 By - Samurai Studios.

- Many Thanks to Deshire for the permission to use his shipmodels.

- MANY, MANY Thanks to King Lin, Vader, Azar, Powerdoll, Dreyus, Azrael,
Omicron Explorer, J.J. and some others, who posted their ideas in the Monkey
1.1 thread and helped me all the time. They also did not get angry that I'm
so slow in modding! Without you many of this would not have been made!

- Many thanks to gestoord, Ice, >SFG development, testing and bugfixing of the mod!

- Many thanks to SpasticFrog, for reworking the whole commoditymarket. This
was so much work, but he did it all alone!!!

- Thanks to the Monkey Universe Community, who helped alot with their ideas,
suggestions, reports and also some modding related things!

- Thanks to several people from the Monkey Universe Community, who wrote new
rumors and news for the mod!

- Many, many thanks to Baene for the permission to use his shipmodels. He
does really a great job and in my opinion most of his ships totally fit in
the Freelancer Universe. Keep on the good work!

- Thanks to player, who created several new textures for ships in the mod.
They look great man!

- Thanks to Reynen, giskard, Nephilim, ThresholdRPG, blackfire, Milkshape,
Chips, Michael Dan and some others for their great Tutorials or mods. I did
not copy anything from them, but their mods or tutorials helped me a lot!

- Thanks to Samurai Studios for the permission to use some of their

- Thanks to APS Studios for the permission to use their shipmodels!

- Thanks to IGx89 for his great tool FLMM!

- Thanks to Dixi for his great tool FLEd-ids that i used many times!

- Thanks to Louva-Deus for the FL SDK!

- Thanks to tyco for his mod "The Order Needs You"! I used some parts of
your rumor and news texts, because I'm a german and my english is not as
good as yours!

- Thanks to Chris for his mod "Nomad Sound Mod"! I used your cool new weapon
sounds for the mod!

- Thanks to Osprey for his great Shipicon Tutorial. Without this I've not
been able to make the new icons for some ships!

- Thanks to Chips, BlazeMe, Anton, LordFjord, Strail, RimShot,
Mephistopheles, Silvik, Buck Danny, Mace 166 and I think some others. They
helped me many times with my stupid questions in the TLR forums ;)

- Thanks to Free Spirit, for the permission to use his model of the Moldy
Crow (A really nice model, which I first used for the Robot VHF. But as it
is a Starwars ship, which everyone knows, I decided to use Baene's models,
which totally fit in the Freelancer universe. Thanks, anyway)!

- Thanks to black_lightning for helping me with some questions about making
the two new hardpoints on the outrider model!

- Thanks to Akkaraju for his new menu intro (Osiris Menu Addon). I changed
it a bit, but the major part is his work!

- Thanks to kaegogi for his tradelanedisruptors and some commodities. I
changed some of the icons, but also used some of his icons.

- Thanks to Buck Danny for the FL Unofficial SP Patch 1.4.

- Thanks to Lord Fjord and )v(aster for the permission to use the model of
the Liberty Gunboat from the Excelcia Mod.

- Thanks to Chips and Pathfinder Studios for the permission to use some of
their commodities and icons (Pilots).

- Thanks to FlyByU and Energy for the total rework to the 1.90 mod

- Thanks to Dragnite for the hosting of the Beta & Anti-Cheat work

- Thanks to Microsoft and especially Digital Anvil for this great game!

- Thanks to lancersreactor.com for the best Freelancer site and great
support for modders!

Disclaimer: All rights from Freelancer are reserved by Microsoft

BUT NOW: "Freelancer A 1-1, you are ready to launch. Good luck up there and
may the Monkey god be with you!"

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Monkey Universe - A troubled Era

Monkey Universe - A troubled Era

Futuristic Sim

Monkey Universe is based on the popular space sim Freelancer. With a very dedicated mod team and dedicated server staff players can enjoy Freelancer the...

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