Maker's Lair is a Game Design Studio created in 2008 by Callum Sharp and David Cale. Our connection to the world of games is the directing, writing and development of 'Wicked Evolving For A Broken Future'; a psychological horror.

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Hello. I am the lead writer and environmental artist on the Maker's Lair team, as-well as the General Manager (Project Leader)

- We're looking for the talented, this time; in-terms of Model Design. We are looking for those who devote to their work and will passionately assign themselves to work and the creation of quality content. I'll start by explaining roles, then I'll speak about benefits and payment, then requirements, then final notes:

#1 - Role:
You would be designing models for the Wicked Evolving For A Broken Future. These would include general props, like tea-cups and plates, to more complex objects and assets like car tires and bushes. The demand placed on your development speed of models will decrees upon hiring of other Model Artists. - You would automatically assigned as 'Lead Prop Designer' as you would be the only employee in said factor. Among designing props, you may be asked to create assets to created models, like physics properties or multiple skins. This covers your general role in the team, if you have any questions; contact the e-mail located at the bottom.

#2 - Benefits:
At this moment in time, we are not willing to pay you for your efforts, all-though, we have many other forms of compensation. These include;
Credits, Ability to add experience to CV (Resume`), recommendations by a licensed Game Studio, Written Reference and the possibility of financial payment in the future [2]. We also offer career advice and general advice on applications to other Studios, as a payment for development.

#3 - Requirements:
We require a large skill set in the mentioned art. These include:
The ability to design and compile high quality models with intent to be used in WEBF, the ability to assign certain factors to models, like multiple skin choices, physics & particle preaching/ firing, - ability to work-off of Concept Art and general explaining of product. These of-course come with the given trates, like being able to design props for environmental use, like set pieces, including plants and walls, doors and borders.

We also require you have the knowledge of texturing your design. We fully understand that this is a separate role, completely. You'll be appointed a Texture Artist that you will be the manager of, he/she will design needed textures or groups you require for the development of your prop. This comes with the general knowledge of know how to texture a model, and compile it with said texture. We also require you explain your previous roles (No formal qualifications required)

#3 - Final Notes:
We will gladly explain our hiring process, when requested. Please contact the e-mail below if you feel as-if you could help with our project. You will be working on a part-time bases that will begin with around 15 hours of work. Your schedule will then start to be independently managed and you will be asked to produce on a slower or faster bases. Time-frame is an adaptable network entity for our team, we will adapt to your needs, and we hope you will respect this method in return. [2]: A payment plan may be introduced to you after long periods of time, please, do not expect to be paid for you efforts. This is only a possibility.

We hope you apply for this role and become our model artist.
I, as the Project Leader & Manager, hope to see a CV in an e-mail from you, you sound like an amazing reader(!) Thanks very much for reading, hope very much to hear from you.

~Callum Sharp, Hiring Manager and PL, ML 013 (WEBF)

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Anywhere - Form of communication through Skype may be required
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