Developers creating Lumix Engine - a free open source 3D engine.

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Lumix Engine

Lumix Engine

MIT licence

Lumix Engine is an open source, MIT licensed, plugin-based, 3D game engine written in C++. Its main advantage is performance and usability. It includes...

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RT @ultralight_ux: We are very proud to finally announce Ultralight, a new, lightweight, pure-GPU HTML renderer for C++ developers. Ge…

Apr 11 2018

RT @KenneyNL: Here's your chance to win super early access to Townsized (you'll be the first in the world)! Simply retweet this t…

Apr 10 2018

RT @molecularmusing: Live++ 1.0.0 is finally here, go grab your trial today: Generic live coding/hot-reload for…

Mar 27 2018

Is there some fast way to get screen space AABB for sphere in camera space?

Mar 12 2018

Anybody knows what happen with vertices where w == 0 when doing perspective division? Are such triangles simply discarded?

Mar 10 2018

RT @rokups: does in-place block level delta synchronization. All the heavy lifting is client-side. You…

Feb 28 2018 Turns out it's caused by version of dbghelp.dll on those machines, different version works fine.

Feb 12 2018

CaptureStackBackTrace + SymFromAddr result is incorrect symbols on some machines. Any ideas?

Feb 9 2018

Another day with a bit of progress, thanks to @KenneyNL and @quaternius for the free assets #indiedev #gamedev

Feb 8 2018

Small progress on visuals

Feb 7 2018

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