These are the people that have created the LÖVE game engine.

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LÖVE is an unquestionably awesome 2D game framework, which allows rapid game development and prototyping in Lua.

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RT @NKnauth: Level editor is nearly feature-complete at this point. (Will need to add some way to indicate where doors go, once…

Jan 9 2018

RT @Sheepolution: Play Hairy Barbary! A game where you play as a barbarian who saves princesses and carries them on his shield. When…

Dec 23 2017

RT @Eiyeron: And ported my #Pico8 sphere to #Love2D

Dec 17 2017

RT @josefnpat: We finished our game for the #LDJAM #gamejam! Check out <bold> !!! BaconMan !!! </bold>

Dec 7 2017

RT @Alecsi_: Today I decided to code something for #gamecodeur #gamejam 11 or @davidmekersa. Implementing Newton's Law of Attrac…

Nov 26 2017

RT @agersant: Water physics simulation! #screenshotsaturday #love2d #gamedev (Sorry, no art yet)

Nov 26 2017

RT @josefnpat: 1.0 Release of #Click4 is now available! I would love feedback!

Nov 24 2017

RT @Alecsi_: Messing with 3D coordinates... Trying to figure out 3D to 2D transformations. I've got these pretty Xmas planets !…

Nov 22 2017

RT @rm_code: I just released a new update for my @AtomEditor package "love-atom" ( which fixes missing a…

Nov 21 2017

RT @BearishMushroom: Hello Twitter I'm doing a thing for #GAShmupEmUp. #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #love2d

Nov 19 2017

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