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Anywhere [OLD] 3D Scene Modeler at jMonkey Team

3d scene modeler jmonkey team anywhere artists the jmonkeyengine project is looking for a 3d modeler to create a small demo scene for various promotional uses. jmonkeyengine 3 is a top tier open source game engine, excelling at cross-platform publishing and complete toolsets. this job is unpaid. see below for other benefits. requirements - blender is preferred, though any 3d modeling software with a capable ogre.xml exporter should do. we recommend compatibility testing before committing to any work. - scenes should be optimized for “high definition” games: -- approximately 5000 polygons for big singular assets, e.g. buildings and character models. -- a complete scene should not exceed much more than 100’000 triangles in total. -- textures should be 1024×1024 or below as appropriate. -- apply and include diffuse, normal and specular maps as appropriate. -- recommended scale: 1 unit = 1 meter also see our modeler's contribution guidelines. our merits - used in several commercial projects. - packtpub nominee. - more than 1000 daily website visitors. - more than 800 weekly sdk downloads (and it's still alpha). - an extraordinarily active, helpful and mature community. - a growing network of talented, ambitious individuals. - large, stable team of developers - a jmonkeyengine 3 beginner's book (publisher tba) is due for release in late 2011. your benefits - public mention, in-engine showcasing and on-website promotional use is guaranteed for any quality work. - your scene will be bundled in the jme3 sdk, which is downloaded by thousands. - guaranteed presence in the next jme3 promotional video. - your scene will be used in several of the frequently run jme3 test packages. that includes our online webstart showcase. - we only require a cc-by(-sa) license, which enables you to redistribute your asset(s) freely. - whenever applicable, new features (effects, shaders, cameras) will be showcased with your scene. (read our blog and googlecode updates to get an idea of how frequently new stuff is added.) - we consider project promotion a top priority. we invest hours every day, expanding our network of affiliates and fellow advocates. please note: this is a one-time job, but we are certainly open to longer term commitments.

Sep 20, 2009
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