Frictional Games is a small games developer located in the south of Sweden. They're best known titles are the adventure horror titles, Penumbra and Amnesia.

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Script programmer

[PAID] Script programmer

Sweden or closeby time-zone. [OLD] at Frictional Games

script programmer frictional games sweden or closeby time-zone. programmers we are looking for a script programer with c++ syntax styled script language experience. we specifically use angel script, but experience with for example c#, unrealscript, javascript or other similar high level languages will do fine. the initial employment will be for a 6-8 months project, but can possibly be extended to an ongoing employment. your work with us will consist of writing the base implementation of the designed gameplay for each "level" in a game. this includes going over the design documentation, plan the basic needs and implement it, while keeping in mind that the script must be able to be easily improved, tweaked and added to. in addition you need to be creative and realize things missing/improvements that can be made to the script implementation. this can include going as far as having a completely new idea. it is also crucial to be able to imagine how the player might tackle each situation and add in the support needed to let the player continue the game in any manner that makes sense. experience with level editing, sound, music and effects implementation is a bonus attribute as you realize and understand the importance of timing and multi-step events needed to make the player interaction interesting and engaging. either you live in sweden or you live in a time-zone nearby. swedes are welcome as employees or contractors, if you are living abroad you need to be a contractor capable of invoicing. you'll be working from home, at a distance to the rest of the team (whom also works from home). if interested in the position, please take the time to consider the following situation and respond to it by discussing problems and how to design it for an amnesia styled type of game. "to open a door, the player must tie a rope between it and a heavy create, and then push the crate into a hole." send cv, response to the situation and any additional links to previous work (as in videos, games or demos that clearly demonstrate your part in it) to the email address listed. we are mainly interested in script programing that deals with the player's interaction in the game world, the events that are triggered and the overall game experience that the script conveys to the player. this position is as much, or even more, creative as it is a need to be logical and structured. please do not send any large attachments to our email address, instead upload and give links for downloading.

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No job ads have been placed. If you are managing a non-commerical development project and want to find top programming and artistic talent, then Mod DB is the place to recruit skilled new team members.

Feb 26, 2010
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