EpicToast Interactive is an indie game development group, our main goal is to create games that aren't just "cool games" or "fun", but also express who we are as gamers, and even who we are as people.

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Slender Sponge
Slender Sponge

Slender Sponge

Jan 12, 2015 Slender Sponge Demo (22.86mb) 0 comments

this is the one and only version of slender sponge when spongebob kills you the game will freeze you must collect 20 jellyfish in the game hope you enjoy...

Nether Regions Alpha 1.67
Nether Regions

Nether Regions Alpha 1.67

Jan 3, 2015 Nether Regions Demo (15.92mb) 0 comments

This is the very first public build of Nether Regions, this build includes the first two level sets (caves, and temple) which include three levels, plus...

CanYouSurvive Alpha 0.8.3
Can You Survive

CanYouSurvive Alpha 0.8.3

Aug 24, 2014 Can You Survive Demo (21.37mb) 1 comment

A little teaser release showcasing new fog, a new random encounter system, and lots of placeholders... Other tweaks include *Nerfed zombies. *Increased...

Draw on Walls v4
Draw on Walls

Draw on Walls v4

Aug 5, 2014 Draw on Walls Graphics Tool (7.79mb) 0 comments

Have you ever wanted to draw on walls? Well now you can!... Simply... uh...draw on the...um...walls... not much else to say... Multi-player coming soon.

CanYouSurvive Alpha 0.7.1
Can You Survive

CanYouSurvive Alpha 0.7.1

Jul 27, 2014 Can You Survive Demo (21.25mb) 0 comments

Get ready for another awesome Alpha release, this large update added many new features and fixed a lot of bugs! And yes... I know the picture says 1.7.1...

CanYouSurvive Alpha 0.6.1
Can You Survive

CanYouSurvive Alpha 0.6.1

Jul 13, 2014 Can You Survive Demo (13.92mb) 0 comments

We surface from the dank hot depths of game development to bring you another super spectabulishious alpha build for our current project CanYouSurvive...

CanYouSurvive Alpha 0.4
Can You Survive

CanYouSurvive Alpha 0.4

Jun 29, 2014 Can You Survive Demo (13.95mb) 0 comments

We decided to release the game so far because we thought that the best thing for its development right now is some feedback from actual gamers.

Jul 31, 2013
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