Hello, everybody!

This is The Holy Pilgrim here to show you guys one of the latest Medieval 2: Total War - Kingdoms mod projects to be announced over at the Total War Center (TWC). Below, you'll find a quote from the mod's leader, Squeaks, about our little project and some info about the mod:

Squeaks wrote:Dragonborn is High Fantasy indeed. It mixes many ideas and takes them into a new plane. The world of Dragonborn (DB) is alive, fully developed and will entertain people for quite some time. Working on it have been some very gifted modders, and you'll see much of that here, whilsta lot more is hidden still.

We decided NOT to release any word of the mod until we knew it was possible to make it work, AND so that it was backed by a good part of the work already done, so we knew we would follow it through and it was doable in the first place.

The primary idea of this mod is to create a fantasy world in Medieval 2 un-like any other. We will have 21 factions (see below), including a new breed of Rebels that you have never seen in Medieval 2 before. You will see many new scripts, units, and even agents that you have never seen before. This is a mod you won't want to miss.

Without further adieu, here's the preview of our mod. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoy working for it.

The Beginning

The Creator was just a child, wriggling in the birthing sac that was the universe. He grew in many ways, and began to expand this empty universe, calling out in loneliness to the Void around him.

This longing for something more than just silence began to grow, and he cast about him for something to change this. In his mind, he thought about something that all children want...play things.

Stretching his mind, he reached into a part of him that he was unfamiliar with, and he created LIFE! From his mind, and then his body, the Celestial Dragons came, a painful experience but a miracle none-the-less. They had one unforeseen effect however. As all things that live do, they could procreate.

Each Father and Mother Dragon mated, and she would then lay eggs, whereupon she would become a fire herself, to bring these eggs what they needed to survive. Each egg was a planet, each Mother became a Sun, and the tiniest piece of this universe was made.

The Child was aware of something wrong, however, and the sac of the universe was breached by something alien and hateful. The powers beyond, the Abyssal Powers sent through creatures that hunted these dragons down, killing all they caught, destroying galaxies, threatening the whole survival of the Child's toys.

This affliction spread, but the Child fought back, crushing and killing the Abyssal beasts, but he knew he had to prevent the incursions of anti-reality. He looked upon his creations with sadness and began to bind his form into the walls of the universe, filling the holes and breaches with parts of himself. He lay dying once they were made whole again, and spent the last of himself laying laws - checks and balances to this universe of his, so that there was an order to things. He could never hold the Abyss out, but he could create laws that were binding, laws that gave rigid structure to everything he had made and gave his last sparks of life to create something random, that would either ruin or make whole his world. On each dragon's egg, he layered life, new beings, new growth, both to protect and harm these eggs, as there must be random elements to all creation, to all life there is no simple answer. With the last vestiges of his failing lifeblood, he made such a grand thing, such an amazing thing. Billions of live were breathed into existence with his last, rattling breath.

The Nations of Dragonborn

Below you'll find an image of all of the various races of Dragonborn. They range from humans to lizardmen to ratmen to werewovles to orcs to dwarves to elves and much much more!

Credits for the image and faction symbols goes to Cedric37

Much more about each faction can be found here: Twcenter.net
I'm afraid that if I fit the info about every faction here, it'll make an unsightly wall of text that nobody wants :P

Anyways, here are the credits of all of the people from the TWC assisting Squeaks and I on this fantastic project:

Squeaks wrote:We give enormous respect to all people who have lent us stuff, and allowed us to take away bits of their work. It's hard to do I think, and we are grateful.

  • KING KONG, DISGRUNTLED GOAT, DEVIL'S ADVOCATE and the Third Age team have allowed us to get this far, as we have used their animations models to effect, and have simply been inspired by them to do this at all.
  • LORD CALIDOR for the inspiration to create weapons of our own, as well as using his in in the past
  • MASTER BIG ABS for his tactful support, and Y2DAY for his role as a dad to me.
  • More thanks to the Rusichi team, as we're going to be using some of their bits too. Not yet, but thanks in advance.

There are many others too, along the lines, as I became a modeller in the first place.



  • Squeaks (ME!) Dubious leadership and the creation of the world, plus one or two models and some other unimportant stuff. Well, maybe quite a few units, and few bits here and there. Writing, modelling, artwork and all sorts.
  • THE HOLY PILGRIM. A vital person to the mod. He created the base build, keeps it updated daily, and has brought life to it. He's a dude.
  • CEDRIC 37 (Ceddie) has been a driving force behind this too, as he has lent us parts of his left to get this all done. UIs, Faction Symbols and lots and lots else.
  • MASTER NECROMANCER for wonderful 2D art, for faction generals and for all work on buildings and all unit pictures, bringing an iconic style to them.
  • BEREGOND for the Ilien faction - The Rose of War to be realised at all, and many pieces of great writing.
  • BANDIT KS for artillery, buildings, ancils, traits, the Khezdruli (Dwarves) and much moral support
  • SKELETON OF THE WEST ancil and traits coding and the development of Magic.
  • TNZ for his masterful skills in scripting and for being here at all. You will find more and more of his work beginning to be shown in later posts.
  • ALREADY DED (Deadward) for animations and modelling
  • BRIARIUS for anims and modelling (although he has taken a sabbatical for the time being due to rl)
  • QUETZALCOATL for texturing
  • KOULTOURAS for modelling and the bringing to life of the Lindiri Faction.
  • TURUMBAR & DEATH for modelling and sharing a great gift with us
  • ERUTARON for ANcils
  • ARUTHIEL for unique support.

I hope you enjoyed this little preview and I look forward to what the ModDB community has to say about our project. If anybody has any experience with Medieval 2: Total War modding and if you'd like to help us, please send me a pm telling me what you can do and we'll discuss what we need done.

Thank you again for reading our preview and have a wonderful day!

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