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Real Time Strategy

The goal of this mod is to bring back the units from the original Homeworld into the Homeworld 2 engine, with high quality texture and polycount detail...

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Hey Guys, just wanted to ask something. Hope you say yes. Currently I'am trying to bring Homeworld and Homeworld 2 into EAW (Link to it --> Moddb.com) as a Mod. So I just wanted to ask if I can use your Homeworld Models in my Mod. I played your Demo and they look far better than the originals and would maybe even easier to reimport into EAW. I will Credit you for it and all.

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High poly model of the scaffold. Maybe he finished it?

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Jkberna Creator

looks good, but i dont work that way, i start from the original model and textures, and add details and goblins acording to the texture. Thanks anyway.

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Well, i'm finally back online. jkberna, is there any chance you might be able to resend me those models? Had a major virus incident and lost everything i had completed. I should be able to get back up to speed.

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Jkberna Creator

sorry i missed this, sent you a Pm.

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Check the RelicNews thread


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Jkberna Creator

Thanks for the heads up.

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The generally accepted rule (HW2 units = meters // HW1 units = feet // [more or less]) puts HW2 frigates almost as large as HW1 destroyers. (Pouk, where's that size chart you put together a while ago?)

My initial question is geared more toward removing ALL HW2 ships/objects, and so all the converted HW1 ships/objects can be as large or as small as we like.

For example, it might be a good idea to make all ships larger than the "true scale in HW2" to counter the fact that the camera in HW2 zooms out further than in HW1. By making the ships larger, we would make the overall experience closer to that of HW1, because the camera would behave more like it did in HW1.

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radar33 Creator

"The generally accepted rule puts HW2 frigates almost as large as HW1 destroyers."

Sorry, but, um, no.

Using 0.4 as the scale factor to convert Homeworld 1 units (feet) to Homeworld 2 units (meters), I get the following (the second number is with the real scale factor, 0.3048, for HW1 ships):

Hiigaran Destroyer: Length: 397.3 meters
Taiidan Destroyer: Length: 308.4 meters (235.0 meters) (HW1 size: 770.9)
Approx factor: 0.5

Hiigaran Flak Frigate: Length: 121.4 meters
Taiidan Assault Frigate: Length: 113.6 meters (86.6 meters)

Hiigaran Assault Gunship: Length: 39.9 meters
Kushan Multigun Corvette: Length: 41.0 meters (31.3 meters) (HW1 size: 102.6)
Kushan Heavy Corvette: Length: 41.0 meters (31.3 meters) (HW1 size: 102.6)
Kushan Light Corvette: Length: 33.9 meters (25.9 meters) (HW1 size: 84.8)
Approx factor: 0.39

Hiigaran Attack Bomber: Length: 23.0 meters
Taiidan Attack Bomber: Length: 26.6 meters (20.3 meters) (HW1 size: 66.4, not counting the tail wings)
Kushan Attack Bomber: Length: 28.4 meters (21.7 meters) (HW1 size: 71.1)
Approx factor: 0.33

Hiigaran Interceptor: Length: 17.3 meters
Kushan Interceptor: Length: 23.1 meters (17.6 meters) (HW1 size: 57.8)
Taiidan Interceptor: Length: 17.0 meters (13.0 meters) (HW1 size: 42.6, not counting the tail wing)
Taiidan Interceptor with tail wing: Length: 22.8 meters (17.4 meters) (HW1 size: 56.9, not counting the tail wing)
Approx factor: 0.30

For the frigates and destroyers, the Kushan have an annoying antenna on the front, which make them "longer", but without it, the Kushan and Taiidan versions are roughly the same size (give or take about 100 "hw1 units").

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I'm not sure what specific chart you are talking about, so I'm not even sure if that was mine. If it was a picture with ship siluettes, that's not mine. If it was something done in excell, it is mine, I'm just not sure if it ever existed.

Camera may be modifiable. in the "ui" folder there's "camera.lua". It has lines like:
verticalFOV = 70
cameraDefaultMaxDistance = 6000
cameraDistanceMax = 6000
cameraDistanceMin = 20
cameraZoomFactor = 2.15

I don't know what effect does changing of those values have, I've never tried, but I'm just pointing out at the possibility.

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