Copper Dog Games (formaly known as eTyler-Epic Games) was started in 2010 by 16 year old who has won several first prize awards at TSA State game competitions.

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Anywhere [OLD] Unity Javascript Script Writer at Copper Dog Games

unity javascript script writer copper dog games anywhere programmers hello! i'm the developer of tranzit zombies portable, an indie game of the black ops 2 zombie game. the game is designed in unity with the intent to run on almost every computer. i've tried to find tutorials and books on javascript, but i can't seem to find any good tutorials. i need a good coder that can build some code but explain functions like this: var zombieprefab : gameobject;//drag your prefab gameobject of a sample zombie here, it will be copied and instantiated into the scene this can help me learn so i can develop better code in the future. i would appreciate any help and if you are accepted, you will get credit in the programming of the game. you must understand be able to produce javascript from scratch or from your own library. you must also be able to code complex systems. thanks! tyler

Jul 3, 2013
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