Polish independent game developer and 3D visualization studio. Brokencat is highly specialized young polish designer team. We are engaged in custom built 2D commercial games as well as 3D games on popular professional engines. We also do a realistic 3D looking scenes or Video editing & special effects. We offer you highly experienced Level Design and experienced gurus in most popular engines i.e Unreal Engine II / III ; CryEngine III or ChromeEngine 5. We are open to the proposal and cooperation.

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Location: Poland/ Anywhere - Remote possibility - Looking for: Programmers

Posted by Psi-games.net on Jun 8th, 2013

I'm Marcin Gomulak, and I'm one of the main game designers of Postal 2: UDK project. We currently in need of AI and gameplay programmer. Postal 2: UDK from the beggining was meant to be commercial, but due to license things we can't make it officially commercial and in fact - pay real money to anyone who will contribute to project. However, if we present fully working AI/ Gameplay, then there is possibility that the company which one holds IP to title will accept this project as commercial and we will be able to pay you for your work. In order to apply, you have to have experience with Unreal Script. You have to know how to code AI, some gameplay things. We are searching the most for AI programmer as far as some gameplay codes can be prepared by us.
Postal 2: UDK is an serious project. And we will do anything in order to you to have good time with us :)

*We are recruiting to Postal 2: UDK project, not to BrokenCat Studio or PSI-Games team.

To Apply

Send some information to makipol@gmail.com about you. Name, age, location and your Programming experience. Thank You!

Mar 10, 2012
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