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!Updated! Fixed a small bug. A first part of Ace Combat's legendary ace ariplanes' paintojbs, both canon and re-imagined.

Installation: copy both folders in "...Desura\Common\vector-thrust\Objects\Airplane\", click "Yes" when prompted to merge folders, confirm any overwrites.

Below lies fictional story behind all featured aircrafts.


F-15C Galm 02

One of the most famous mercenaries known as Solo Wing Pixy flew this aircraft during his
service in Ustio Air Force in the major part of Belkan War. By the report of
his flight lead, Solo Wing went AVOL and joined the anarchist organization the
World With No Boundaries after Belkan Nuclear Incident. Solo Wing got his nickname
after he managed to land a plane with one with completely torn off during

Su-37 Scarface

One of Su-37s assigned to STFS Scarface, that was heavily involved in Usean Crisis of 1997. The
Scarface Squadron played in major role in suppressing the rebel forces, along
with the destruction of Fortress Intolerance, where the rebellion leaders were
hiding. (By the story of Ace Combat 3D: Cross Rumble).

Su-37 Yellow Squadron

The 156th
Tactical Fighter Wing “Aquila”, more known as “the Yellow Squadron” were
Erusean most accomplished fighter squadron. During Usean Continental War,
Yellow Squadron guarded the infamous Stonehenge rail gun site, that allowed
Erusea to maintain military dominance over most of Usea. After Stonehenge was
destroyed, the Squadron was often deployed to most strategically important
regions such as San Salvacion of Farbanti. The aircraft depicted belonged to
the leader of the Yellow Squadron who was often described as kind and compassionate man,
whose pride lied not in his combat victories, but in never losing a squadron member.
(This is an improved version of my old Su-37 Yellow skin, if you had the previous version installed, this
one will replace it).

F-15B ACTIVE 8492nd squadron

Not much is known about the mysterious Osean 8492nd squadron. It is not even
listed in the official documents. It is rumored that they are actually Belkan aces,
hired by OADF to act as an aggressor team.


The Artificial Intelligence project codenamed “Zone of Endless” has begun a year
before Usean Crisis. When the rebel forces captured the research facility, the
AI program was repurposed to serve the military needs. Z.O.E. aircraft
performed a number of operations for the rebel forces, however was ultimately defeated
during a series of encounters with Scarface Squadron. The final version of
Z.O.E. along with AI hardware was destroyed by Scarface One over the Fortress

F-15E Garuda

During the Anean War, 28th Fighter Squadron “Garuda”, was considered a symbol
of hope for Emmerian forces. The sheer effectiveness of the squadron was
legendary among both friends and enemies. Curiously, Garuda is the only
Squadron that didn’t receive any sort of nickname among enemy forces, but instead
was referred by the squadron name.

Su-33 Strigon

The 9th TFS of Estovakian Air Force has played a major role during both Estovakian
Civil War and Anean War. Due to an unusual base of operations, only the most
skilled pilots were accepted in Strigon Team. Still, their skill was not enough
to defeat the Garuda Squadron. However, a number of Strigon Team pilots survived
Anean War and now live peaceful lives.

Su-47 Grabacr

The Grabacr Squadron of Belkan Air Force was known as one of the most ruthless units in the
whole Belka. They, along with Ofnir Squadron were tasked with the most
important missions, where any other military force will refuse to follow
orders. Depicted here is the aircraft of the squadron leader. During the Belkan
war he refused an order to leave a pursuit of a defecting Belkan ace to the
specialized unit and followed the defector to the area B7R, the infamous Round
Table. He managed to shoot down the defector, but made a mistake when he tried
to interfere in the ongoing skirmish between Galm and Schwaze teams, and was promptly
shot down by the Demon Lord.


Su-33 Wardog

The Wardog squadron, an elite air defense force based on Sand Island received Su-33s soon
after the ending of Circum-Pacific War, as a part of peace efforts. Due to squadron’s nature as a fast-response defense force it was believed that a carrier-borne aircraft was the best choice, as it
allowed the squadron to significantly increase the operation range.

Su-33 Razgriz

The mysterious Razgriz squadron implemented a number of aircraft types during the unexpected
conclusion of Circum-Pacific War. The only common trait was a paintjob, jet black with red tail tips. Among others, this black Su-33 is displayed at the Oured War Museum.

Su-47 Mobius

While most official materials depict Mobius One’s aircraft as F-22A Raptor, it is less known
fact during the siege of Farbanti, the plane in question suffered heavy damage,
and Mobius One used a different aircraft during the Battle of Megalith. The
Su-47 was a trophy plane, found in San Salvacion airport, used as a military
installation during Usean Continental War. The aircraft, nicknamed “Asteroid
Rider”, is now displayed at the museum.

Su-35S Scarface

The 92nd Special Tactical Fighter Squadron Scarface used Su-35A Super Flankers during
Usean Crisis. Not long after the Crisis war averted, Scarface was disbanded for
more than a decade. In 2011, the need for independent mercenary force arose
again, so equipping the reformed squadron with more advanced version of Su-35,
was the logical decision.

Su-35S Mobius

After 2010 ISAF military command came to conclusion that F-22A and Su-47 are too expensiveto maintain during the peace-time. However with a world in constant state ofunrest, a new aircraft, capable of engaging any sort of threat was needed. Thecontest for new main heavy fighter for ISAF air force was run between X-02
Wyvern and Su-35S Flanker-E. The Su-35 won the contest due to being equal in
combat capabilities, but having much lower production and maintenance cost.

F-15B ACTIVE Yellow

Not long before the first testing of Stonehenge, the FEAF had run a contest for the new
plane for Yellow Squadron. F-15B ACTIVE was one of proposed aircrafts. While
the final choice was made in favor of Su-37, a proposed F-15 ACTIVE paintjob
was often featured on the cover of Erusian aircraft magazines.

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Legends of Strangereal skin pack part one
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MyHatismyFriend Jan 5 2013 says:


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Nergal01 Jan 5 2013 says:


Do want.

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redout22 Jan 5 2013 says:

Can't wait to see more Wardog and Razgriz schemes :D

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KenWayneKazama Jan 6 2013 says:

Excellent! Thank you author!

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MyHatismyFriend Jan 6 2013 says:

F-15B ACTIVE's folder name is wrong, there's a dash between the words instead of an underscore.

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John_Silver Author
John_Silver Jan 7 2013 replied:

Will re-upload the file in a couple of days. I'm away from my PC right now.

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redout22 Jan 6 2013 says:

Just one quick canon note: the Razgriz Su-33 would not have been displayed until 2020, as the OCIA kept all details and knowledge of Razgriz classified until 2020.


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Varyag Jan 10 2013 says:

John, this is awesome and you should feel awesome. Can't wait for your next work.

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pilot99 Jan 18 2013 says:

Can't see Aurelia Air Force ;)

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Guest Jan 23 2013 says:

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laZardo Jan 23 2013 says:

That's a better-looking Grabacr than the one I made, I'll give you that. :(

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